Friday, September 8, 2006

Curriculum Night!

I always love these – this is when all the parents get together in the classroom and see some projects that the kids have been working on the first few weeks of school. It is also fun to watch all of us try to sit in the little chairs they sit in.

These pictures are from the boy for us. They were in our packet…and the paper man is supposed to be a drawing of him. I joked with Demetrius this morning that it looked like him..but being an autistic little boy he just looked at me and said: “no, that’s a paper boy.”

A couple of observations:
• Things sure have changed over 30 years. When I was a kindergartner, our teachers stood outside the classroom and smoked. IN THE HALLWAYS. These days, the teachers have little sorority, cool tattoos on their ankles
• I don’t remember ever having a cause/effect aspect to my studies. If I did something right, or proactive – I got a treasure or reward. When did this start happening? I think the only cause/effect was if I did something wrong I went to the principal’s office (that, my friends, is complete other blog)
• Wasn’t kindergarten like, half-a-day? You know, 9-12ish? When did it become 7:45 – 2:30pm? What can they possibly be learning at that age that I wasn’t learning before and be retained by being in school this much at that age?…Or does that dumb question just show that I didn’t learn enough with my shortened Kindergarten schedule?
• The boy’s class is eclectic. I love that so much I can’t even tell you. There are many kids there with cultures/heritages from all over the world. When I went to Kindergarten (moved to Texas in 1974 from New Jersey) I was eclectic. I didn’t speak Texan, so kids asked me what country I was from ‘cuz I talked funny’. This, I believe, is awesome

• I went to a PTA meeting. What the hell? When I did I become that much of an adult? My mom did PTA. Circle of life…circle of life…..

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