Friday, September 15, 2006

Daddy Eats With The Kiddos

Shouldn’t you be at the office working, why are you here eating Chick-Fil-A? Emily Sellers, Age Four, Johns Creek United Methodist Church Pre-School

Today I had lunch with both kids (Demetrius at 10:30 am and Maya at 12:30 pm) on my day off. In terms of school lunch, it wasn’t bad. And no matter how much I make fun of these lunches – I had the crispest apple I’ve eaten in at least a year at the school. Go figure.

I’m not sure the fajita was a fajita, but anyway – that’s not the point. The point was that I ate with Demetrius. He’s not a fan of all the white noise in the cafeteria (as previously stated, but we tried to talk through it all, as he ate his pizza). I couldn’t even hear myself think, nor could anyone else around me, I’m pretty sure. However, I don’t have new parts like these five year olds do – their ears haven’t been to a Deep Purple concert in 1986.

After that small lunch I hung out with a cup of coffee at Seattle’s Best Coffee (these stores with their pictures of Seattle do bring me back there) until it was time to pick up Chick-Fil-A to bring to Maya for lunch at her pre-school (can’t bring outside fast food to the elementary school). What a class. Our best friend of all best friends Emily needed to ask me about 47 questions about why I was at pre-school and not at work. I understand from her mommy (she called Kim) that when Emily got home she demanded a call to her daddy on why he has not done so yet for her. Love the getting other dads in trouble with their kids….

One boy, Grant, was decked head-to-toe in USC gear, he even had a ‘Beat Nebraska’ (the game on ABC Sat. night) button pinned to his shirt. Now, he’s four – so he’s easy prey. By the time I was done with him, I had him repeating ‘Go Irish, Go! Fight! Win! in 2007’. I even worked on him after lunch at play time. I’m excited for him to deliver this to his dad when he gets home from work. No, I don’t know the dad. But hey, I say why not make the kid a messenger here? I know the dad will be thinking, “He got this from pre-school?”

I also discussed other important things with the pre-schoolers (hard to discuss anything with the kindergartners – I couldn’t hear them or could yell loud enough to be heard!) like how the crust of Chick-Fil-A chicken is cooked with crushed grasshopper legs and that the fries are cooked in worm juice, which makes them so crunchy on the outside.

Most didn’t believe me, but I think one or two were going to have conversations with their mommies afterward just to be sure. Hey, did any of you know that Alex R.’s dog pooped in the house this morning! Pepper does this sometimes when noone lets her out before cartoons. Alex, that’s great to know while we are eating lunch! BTW – Ella let us know that dogs can’t eat chicken nuggets – it makes them throw up on the floor. More great knowledge!

Good stuff. Anyway, here are some pictures from the meals. Good day I think.

Pizza and peaches: Lunch of champions

Maya, Ella and Emily Sellers of the 50 questions of why I wasn’t working today

Johns Creek United Methodist Pre-School Class, 4-5 year olds, 2006-2007. Clearly, the class has dogs that often get sick in the house for one reason or another

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