Sunday, October 1, 2006

Beautiful Weekend In Georgia

What a beautiful weekend here in Georgia.  We had temperatures here in the 70s, and no humidity.  The mornings have been cool, and the day has warmed up so nicely.  We had D’s baseball yesterday, and spent the day with each other – we’ve had a lot of booked weekends, so we were glad we didn’t have any plans. We cleaned off the deck, fired up the citronella candles (I didn’t say we didn’t have mosquitos!) and grilled burgers.  Nice!

We also had daddy/daughter day at Johns Creek United Methodist Church.  Last year Maya and I actually missed it (believe it or not, we got behind a wreck that didn’t move)  but we were the first to arrive this year (hey, I wasn’t going to miss it two years in a row). We had so much fun.

Needless to say, I took, like, 800 pictures.  It was baseball themed (ironic?  The first year the Braves haven’t made the playoffs in these kids years…), and there were ten stations with ten ‘projects’.   See photos below.  Short posting: I want to get back outside while it is still nice…

Mommy took this picture of us before we headed over to Daddy/Daughter day….

One of the first stations was a bubble blowing contest.  4 year olds, zero, Daddies: 100%!

Remember what I said about Maya and her love of glue…well….

4 for 5 in the baseball throwing contest….one Dad told her to keep it up, lefties are hard to hit….

She might look sweet in the argyle sweater, but she can hit the ball to all fields, and with power

We ended the morning with a sugar cookie, white icing and red icing for the seams of the baseball….Maya, well, she likes red icing…. 


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