Monday, October 9, 2006

Week O’ Meetings

With the reschedules I didn’t realize it, but we’ve got two meetings with Demetrius’ school this week.  We had the first of two today with his primary clasroom teachers. Just a regular old parent teachers conference.  Just like the kind our parents had with us a million years ago.

But you know what, I found my stomach bouncing, and I was pacing a bit nervously beofre Kim showed.  After two years of pecking and worrying about IEPs and assistants and fighting for support, I’ve been conditioned for everything but ‘he’s just doing great…that’s it.’  I actually had to put my hands, palm down on the table, and breathe deeply to change the conditioning.  I just couldn’t believe that ‘that’s it’…was it.  

Of course, he still needs an assitant and discussed things like what to do when he gets so excited that he grabs kids and ‘hugs’ them, but we’re working on that. But it went well.

Wow.  What a concept, ‘things are good’. I could get used to this.

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Santa and The Weekend

First off: I want to thank everyone for all the great feedback on the comments re: attending all of Demetrius/Maya’s events.  Long and short of it – make the most of what you can do.  I agree.  The irony in this case is that the IEP meeting I was fretting missing, of course, got cancelled.  So no worries I guess – I can now hopefully attend the rescheduled meeting.

Long weekend for Demetrius.  For some unknown reason Demetrius popped out of bed bushy tailed at 3:30 in morning on Saturday, and by the end-of-the-weekend, he had crashed.  A couple of solid fits and just was basically out of it.  He did it again at about 1am this morning, but Kim interceded and hopped into bed with him to calm him down and get him back to sleep (I’m sure her back will thank her for that later in the day).  I have a sneaking suspicion that much of this has to do with the fact that the kid drinks two gallons of water before he goes to bed, but if I have learned anything, this too works itself out after about a week.

One unexpected thing was that the boy is really kind of scared about Halloween.  After his ballgame we went to a couple of restaurants and had to leave them because he was scared of the decorations.  It seems to me that one could reasonably expet more restaurants to be adding these over the course of the next month – it could get ugly. My hope is that he just gets over it.

However, another holiday popped into our lives at just about the same time…as you can see, Santa Claus made a guest appearance at Demetrius’ ball game.  Maya hovered, got her confidence up, and asked him for every single toy available on the market today.  He told her to ‘put it on her list’.  She was so proud of herself.  A few minutes later she ran back up to him and thanked him for her purple teddy bear (last year) and her princess bike (two years ago).  So sweet….

Maya and Santa at Demetrius’ Ball Game…Maya asked for it all.  Might as well when it is on your mind and Santa just happens to be around…. 


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