Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What I Have Not Before Considered…

Not too much to write about today.

Tradeshow day, and just chit chat long distance with the wife and kids. I’ll say it again. It is cold in Minnesota. I guess I’d be saying the same thing about the heat in Texas in late August…but I am not conditioned for this…I have thin blood now…I brought my ‘winter’ running gear, but my winter gear just ain’t wintery enough for a Fall day in October in Minneapolis. I pulled on my gloves and ski cap, stepped outside, got that first deep breath of cold air and felt that blast of freezing urban wind tunnel…and went right back inside and got the treadmill. Man its cold here. I’m going to be glad to be back in Atlanta tomorrow.

Fast forward to tonight and Demetrius was crying on the phone and so was Maya. I don’t know what about (I can’t understand the whining and the crying-talk loudly into the receiver), but that happens when I’m gone sometimes. From Kim I got the, “I’ll call you back in :45.” High likelihood I won’t hear back from her as she’ll fall asleep with one of them.

Talked to Grandpa about yesterday’s post…he gave me an interesting perspective…not one I had considered before. Imagine you have a special needs child in your life (not necessarily your own child, but one in your life) and you see that child on an irregular basis…like every couple of months. Now imagine that he or she is making progress, but because you aren’t there as often…the changes and improvements he or she is making aren’t obvious and you only hear about them (or read about them in a blog). And in fact, you’ve learned, over the course of time, that new issues arise when others go away.

This is what my parents, and my in-laws, face when they see Demetrius. My parents took Demetrius for a walk this past weekend, and for some reason, he basically melted down when he got near a certain street in the neighborhood. No one is sure why, but they are sure it scared them to death. How do you react? How would you react? This isn’t the child that can tell you why, and you just can’t read into it that it is because he’s scared or he doesn’t want to go on the walk … there could be a noise or experience that has just set him off. And imagine now you have to navigate this little boy and his meltdown back to the house. Can you imagine how that might feel? Does the blood drain out of you? Do you feel like you are failing in some way, shape or form?

Kim and I are in it everyday…I don’t know what it is like to approach Demetrius with any sort of concerns or reservations because it is part of my daily life. In this family, grandparents have to feel their way …like finding your way around the furniture in a dark room until your eyes adjust.

That’s got to be tough, especially if you are trying to maximize every minute of every day you have with them in those short trips.

The baseball game? Yea, we discussed it. He was happy to see Demetrius having so much fun and enjoying himself…regardless of whether or not he was learning skills or teamwork…and if it really isn’t baseball. He was a six year old having fun on the diamond. That made Grandpa happy – seeing the boy so happy.

Like I said yesterday, he’s like granite.

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3 Responses to “What I Have Not Before Considered…”

  1. anonymous says:

    Be glad for granite. I would classify both sides of our family as wrapping paper – only want happy news, tears easily, and ruins quickly. Seriously, you are lucky to have such a great family.

  2. Aimee Rodriguez-Dinehart says:

    It’s the simple things–ALWAYS the simple things!–that make us grateful for each day! I agree with Anonymous…you seem to have a great support system, you lucky dog!

  3. Jerry Grasso says:

    I’ve not heard the wrapping paper analogy before. Interesting. Yes, I do feel lucky to have such great fmaily…..