Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Demetrius’ Money Is Maya’s Money at The Basement Target Store

The boy’s doing well in math at school, but conceptually ‘isn’t getting’ counting money and using it in context.

So we’ve decided to start working on that at home – not something that seems to agree with him.  The fit was the tense-up-the-body-straight-legged-arms-extended-red-face ‘NO, NO, NO!  I WON’T COUNT MONEY!’ type.

So off to the basement Maya and Daddy went last night with Demetrius throwing a fit in the living room (much to his mother’s delight, I’m sure) to play with our cash register and money.

Now Maya has a very interesting observation about money – you slide your card through the ‘slider’.  See, she’s a generation that watches her parents pay for everything electronically with a credit card.  The thrill of having exact change to give to a cashier may be forever lost on this child.  However, she does know what dollar bills are and change (pennies, dimes, bright and shiney ‘ones’), but in her hierarchy this is below ‘Daddy’s cards in his book (wallet)’.

So we went over the change, dollars bills, etc…and we could still here the boy upstairs throwing a fit, attempting to negotiate this ‘money torture’ with his mother.  So Maya started to get the ones-and-fives concept (we get lost once we hit the $10s) and it was time to shop.  I gave her some change, a bunch of ones and fives – and told her to go pick out some toys to buy….here at Target, in the basement.

Maya: “We are pretending to shop at Target?”

Daddy: “Yes, everything in the basement is for sale, just put it in your bag and then bring it over here, I’ll take your money and we’ll pretend we are shopping at Target.”

Maya: “I love shopping!”

Maya runs upstairs: “Demetrius, we are pretending to shop at Target with our money!”

Maya runs downstairs and begins to shop…and mind you, she is serious about this..she is on her A game (what red-blooded American girl isn’t when it comes to shopping?!?).

(Behind me) “Sniffle, sniffle…Daddy?”

Daddy: “Hi Demetrius.”

Demetrius: “Can I go shopping with money at Target too?”

So the boy got some cash and change, and went shopping.  Now Maya, she goes shopping with Mommy a lot…so she bought a lot of plastic fruit…you know, the kind that is on sale at Kroger or Super H Mart, but at Target. These are ‘good foods’ that would help her baby doll ‘grow healthy teeth.’  We added all the items up and began to subtract money from the total.  My most interesting Maya’s observation in this ‘hidden’ math exercise? “Daddy, I want all of this stuff, but don’t take all my money, I want to buy some toys too – so use some of yours and Demetrius’ okay?”


Demetrius wanders over with…well, parts of toys.  He decided he wanted a Ninja Turtle pair of nun chucks that have obviously gone missing from the Ninja Turtle toy…and part of a glove that goes to a Teen Titans toy….these types of things. And he was happy – pretty juiced up in fact.  These toys had been missing, and by ‘shopping’ he had rediscovered them and was going to ‘go upstairs and put them back up in his collection.’

I was happy. We had hit a vein that had him engaged in doing things with money. So we added all this ‘stuff’ up, and I asked him for his money. He smiled and said, “I gave my money to Maya.”

Daddy: “Why did you do that?”  (Maya comes running over with it, she knows what she did)

Maya:  “I used my money, so I’m keeping Demetrius’ money (ahhhh…of course!).”

We discuss giving Demetrius back his money, being greedy, and not sharing (can’t throw the whole book at her yet).  We pay for his ‘stuff’.  He runs upstairs to his room to put his collection back together and he wants to show Mommy.

We had a hit, money was fun…on this particular Monday night.

As we closed Target to go upstairs for dinner, Maya looks at me and says:

“Did Demetrius have any money left? Because I need it to buy more toys.”

This is only going to get more interesting over the years, isn’t it?

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Thank God I’m Back At Work – This Weekend Was Killing Me!

Wow – what a weekend.  Here’s the recap:

  • Saturday morning: Daddy and Maya run to Target to get a new sleeping bag for Maya.  Mommy and Demetrius go to a birthday party
  • Maya and Daddy go to lunch for some ‘Daddy/Daughter time’ and meet Mommy and Super D back at home
  • Switch kids
  • Daddy and Demetrius run to Blockbuster to rent a DVD to watch when our friend Harrison comes over to play
  • Maya and Mommy go over the Emily’s house for Emily’s birthday party
  • Harrison comes over, play hard, eat some pizza
  • Mommy returns from Emily’s house, without Maya, who is staying for a sleepover
  • Harrison goes home, Demetrius/Mommy/Daddy watch Marvel Comic’s Superhero adventure, Ultimate Avengers II
  • Daddy runs ‘blankey’ over to Emily’s house at 9:30pm, so Maya can actually go to sleep
  • Everyone crashes
  • Sunday morning: Mommy/Demetrius/Daddy get up and go  out to get some breakfast
  • 9:20am – Demetrius & Daddy go to Emily’s house to retrieve Maya
  • 10:00am – watch some cartoons, then do some homework
  • 1pm – run Mommy/Maya to Kate’s birthday party at ChuckECheese
  • Demetrius & Daddy go to Target (thanks for the gift cards, Nonni!)
  • Demetrius & Daddy go to ChuckECheese, play video games for about an hour
  • Demetrius/Emily/Maya head home with Daddy…Mommy and Ms. Heike go shopping for remainder of afternoon
  • Kids run around house, jump on trampoline, play on neighbors jungle gym, girls switch clothes
  • Daddy makes girls put on each child’s appropriate clothing, much to their disappointment
  • Play some more
  • Eat dinner
  • Go to bed
  • Dad packs gym stuff for Monday morning
  • Email
  • Crash – 9ish

Pictures below:

Enjoying a hot dog and some chips with Daddy at Jason’s Deli…..

About to go jump on the trampoline with our good friend, Harrison

Emily and Maya living it up at ChuckECheese…..Notice in both these pictures that it is Maya driving…. 

They had just too much fun bouncing around in this monster truck….btw, did I tell you?  Maya wants one of these to play on ‘in the basement’ 

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fire Nation Daddy

When Demetrius gets mad, it can kind of be funny – first, it is just usually surprising because he is so good-natured for the most part.  Second, he ‘tries’ to make a mad face – he just can’t pull it off (his sister though…. different story at a different level!).  And he makes very ‘Hemingway-ish’ declarative statements about his anger/displeasure: “Daddy, I am mad at you.”

But last night I knew he was really mad at me. 

Mommy was reading a story (The Ugly Duckling) and Demetrius just – well, lost interest.  Over by the rocking chair in his room was the packaging for a video game…which is seriously more interesting on so many levels than the story….so why not take a look at it while Mom drones on?

Enter, Daddy.

“Demetrius, put that down and listen to the story.”


We go back and forth, ultimately, I just take it from him.

Mommy is still reading, Maya is still asking question after question, “Why is that bird uglier than the other ducks?”  “How come the Hen called him stupid?” “That isn’t nice, even in books, right?”…

Demetrius furls his brow, points at me and says, “Daddy, I don’t like you! You are Fire Nation!”

Me, a diabolical Fire Nation noble?  Not me….. 

Whoa now – when did I ever become the bad guy in the Avatar TV series?

Serious stuff.

We had a standoff, but reached compromise – I would not be Fire Nation if I gave him the box back after Mommy’s finished reading.


Whew. Fire Nation….hmmmmm  Who knew I had that level of absolute rule in our house?

I sure didn’t.

On another note – didn’t Maya make a great construction paper portrait of George Washington?  

Maya Grasso – interpretive George Washington, 2007 

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Slowing Down For Demetrius

You know, autistic kids are a lot like executives at any American company. You have to prep them, prep them again, tell them a third time, have them repeat it back to you, and then tell them just before something happens…so they aren’t surprised when what you’ve been telling them what will happen…happens.

I will say that my years as a PR guy have well prepared me, in this single particular case, in my communication strategy with my son. Now, compared with some others, Demetrius is pretty good in terms of communication flexibility, but you still have to be direct in communicating with him about 90% of the time, and give him the room to process what you are telling him before an action is taken. When I ‘think’ I might be taking a trip for biz, I start telling him…we look at the calendar, etc…then I rinse, repeat, etc…and then he’s good.

Before I started this routine, I would tell Demetrius a day or two beforehand and he would cry and hug me because we are out of routine, and then cry on the phone or the night before I left – man, a killer! But this tell him, and tell him again, works well.

That’s all written and fine, but sometimes things happen. A friend of mine, Rob Kaiser (you can see his blog’s hyperlink over there in blogroll) was in town and could get together for dinner! I miss Rob. He made work much more enjoyable on a daily basis. Great laugh, and he reminded me of a red headed (well, his beard is red…he’s bald, so who knows?) Jerry Della Femina, but anyway, he was back in town, so I wanted to meet him for dinner and a few laughs for a couple of hours.

Seperated at birth?

Then the following night (last night), I had to work a bit later than usual.

Demetrius wasn’t quite prepared for this, and he wasn’t really upset… but I wasn’t around…and I hadn’t prepared him. So I wanted to read to him last night – and he couldn’t really focus on the stories in bed, and he kept giving me spastic squeezes and asked questions like, “Where did you go?” I explained to him that I only went to dinner somewhere with a friend, he couldn’t conceptualize I was just not out of town and just a bit late (they had already eaten dinner). Yea, I’m sure he ‘got it’, but it was a bit sudden for him, and out of routine for his very routine-oriented father.

But this morning, I came down and sat down next to him briefly while he was starting to eat his breakfast and he just leaned into me (cuddling and sensory impact) and asked me, “will you come home tonight?”

Of course you get the ‘bad dad’ feeling when something like this is said to you, but it is just a very good reminder to me that with Demetrius I have to slow down and converse & explain on his terms. Sometimes things come up, and this will always be hard for him (and us, by default), but I can do better.

But of course, I’ll take the hugs any morning….

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Maybe I shouldn’t make assumptions

Daddy’s favorite book when he was a kid…but would Demetrius be interested…

When I was a kid, my favorite book was D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths. If you have kids in the 7-10 year old bracket interested, this is the one. You can pick it up anywhere in the real world, or online, for about $20. 

Great pictures, great stories told in kid friendly ways (no naked drawings of nymphs) that aren’t too graphic or scary.I would guess I went through every copy of the Arlington, TX library system’s books, and owned a few copies myself. I read it over and over, and pretty much – at the sweet old age of 38, still have each the pictures in my head…

So can you imagine my glee a week ago when Demetrius was asking me to read him a story about the flight of Icarus? Bam! Where did that come from!  Let me get you a book with that boy… Off to Borders bookstore I went….

As I drove back with ‘our’ copy…I thought about the pictures and the stories being so similar to those of comic books. He was going to love this book!

I gave it to him, he went over to the kitchen table, asked me to show him where the Icarus story was…I did, he flipped through other pages for a few minutes…and then wandered away.  That’s okay – it takes the boy a little bit of time to warm up.  Anyway, this would be good for me – I could flip through it at my leisure.


“Yes Maya?

“Is that Demetrius’ new book?”

“Yes honey.”

“About the boy with wings?”

“Yes, and a lot of other stories.”  I explain to her the best I can about mythology and how the stories are a lot like cartoons and super heroes….

“Can I look?”

“Of course!”

Fast forward a week, Sunday night in fact, and Maya comes into our bedroom as we are all getting ready to go to bed.


“Yes baby, Daddy will come read to you.”

“Can you get to me the Greek book, I want to read it again.”


Turns out Maya loves this book.  She wanted me to read to her about all the ‘girl goddesses’. She likes Artemis, goddess of the hunt (no one get an idea to buy her a bow and arrow set, okay?).  And she likes the stories about Cerebes (Hades’ three headed dog) and, wow – Heracles.  She thinks Hermes is ‘tricky’ and ‘funny’.

Each night we are reading a story from the book…and I try to explain the context of the lesson it is supposed to teach.  She’s lapping it up.

The boy? He’s warming up to it, especially since his sister is interested.

Daddy? Well, he’s learned a lesson here – Maya got the Greek Mythology gene from Daddy…and I just fell into thinking that the boy would be the one.  Didn’t consider her for a moment. Shame on me.

Is there a myth about this I should read to Maya about the lesson I learned here about ‘assuming’?

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Weekend Here In Atlanta/President’s Day

The kids had today off, and I did not. For a change we had some nice weather – clear and in the 50s.  From what I hear they played outside and they are now here, at home, laying at home watching a DVD (due back at library tomorrow).

Since I was busy at work, I thought I’d post today while they chilled out.

It was COLD this weekend…maybe the last cold one this year?  We’ll see….

Did I tell you we found the remote?  Well, Demetrius did, in the basement, in one of his toy bins.  He named it ‘remotey’.  I’m not sure how worried I need to be about the only inanimate object he’s ever become attached enough to name is the DVD remote control.  Oh, we also found a wine stopper in the toy bin.

We also had a turkey vulture up the street eating a dead squirrel. The bird was gi-nor-mous!  I had alot of whys and how comes from Maya about vultures…why they eat carrion, dead squirrels….uncooked food…nature…do they eat other birds…kids…ugh

We made triple chocolate brownies…two batches.  Batch one…Maya licks the bowl, Demetrius the stirrer…batch two, we flipped.  Brownies are never as good as the batter to make them….

When the kids were sick over Christmas, they never got around to their Gingerbread house.  Well they did it…and it is awesome!



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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Literacy Bag And The Moment

I think Demetrius has an absolutely fantastic kindergarten ‘team’, from his teacher to the assistants that work with the class and him personally, 1:1. They are genuinely concerned for his academic well-being, are communicative and direct with his type-A parents, and seem vested on making sure he is well integrated into the ‘life of an average kindergartner’.

Each week Demetrius gets a ‘literacy bag’ from this team. These bags rotate from student to student in the class, and are never the same (part of the allure? Absolutely!). One week the bag might be on the theme of ‘spiders’. It may include cards on different types of spiders, plastic spiders with descriptions on what they do, eat, where they live and a couple of early reading books that are age appropriate. Things like this. Kim and I love this because it enables us to not only talk to Demetrius about things he’s learning from the bag, but also get him to have conversations about what’s going on in school. This ‘literacy bag’ is such a hit that when it comes home with him on Mondays we can’t even unzip the bag (all of this good and exciting stuff is housed in a little duffle bag) – he wants to open it himself first, like a Christmas present. They are due back each week on Fridays.

So that’s the backstory.

Okay – so this morning, I took Buddy out for a jog and made some breakfast for the fam. I saw Demetrius’ literacy bag next to his backpack, so I packed it in there, put the pancakes and eggs in the oven (on ‘warm’ of course), and as Demetrius and Kim headed down to chow down, I headed into the master bath to get ready for another day at work. As I’m shaving, I hear from the bottom of the stairs:

“HEY DADDY!” (Who cares if Maya is still sleeping?)

“Yes?” (Daddy doing the whisper yell we all do as parents)


“Demetrius, it is in your book bag.”

Boy scurries back to kitchen to tell Mom. Now this is my bad. Daddy calls it a book bag. Everyone else calls it a backpack. So I hear him say to Kim,

“Daddy said its in the book bag.”

Of course that is misunderstood/misinterpreted at 6:15am, and they are looking for the literacy bag around the area of Demetrius’ backpack.

Scurrying back to the bottom of the stairs..



“Demetrius, Daddy’s mistake – it is in your backpack.”

Scurrying back to the kitchen. I can tell it has been found by the murming between the two of them. I return to the bathroom sink.

Demetrius appears.

“Okay, thanks Daddy. You can get ready now. I love you. I am going to go eat my pancakes now.” (We are getting alot of ‘I love yous’ right now…Valentines Day et al, top of mind.)

As I shaved I thought to myself that these literacy bags are great in so many ways. But the conversation I just had with Demetrius was what I guess I would have with Maya for the mostpart – screaming from the top of the stairs to the bottom of the stairs. Miscommunication between the young messenger and the two still half blotto-asleep adults. He is so engaged in this weekly bag, he was focused exactly as he should have been on communicating – eye contact, clear shouting, ensuring I understood him (and through him, Mommy) and he communicated my ‘bookbag’ misstatement-statement properly.

Sure, it’s a bit of a little morning conversation for most of us, “Honey, have you seen my keys?” “Junior forgot his shoes.” “Get precious’ homework off her dresser.” “Daddy, bring down my literacy bag.”

Well, can I just say, for this one day, not most of us in Casa Grasso, but all of us!

So sometimes when I write these down for the blog, I wonder if the friends and family that don’t have autistics in their every day lives can understand at all why I would write what I did above, or scratch their heads a bit (don’t get it, even if I explain it as well as I could possibly do so) or why I well up a bit in the eyes at this.

Because it is normal – and it wasn’t just practiced…it was ‘normal’ in a sporadically normal way. He was involved in something and wanted to communicate with other people…from start to finish. No missing parts. No, ‘lets start a conversation and end it half way through’, or ‘Mommy and Daddy trying to start a conversation and getting no response at all’, or the fact that today is a ‘not wanting to verbally communicate day’ (though we are having these less often day-by-day). It was all there. In fact, it wasn’t just a 1:1 conversation, it was a 1:3 conversation and he was the middleman.

Normalcy is a relative term (what is normal, to begin with)… sometimes I think I don’t see it happen with Demetrius because I am not watching close enough…I’m lost in being a normal Dad…picking up towels off the floor, or thinking about a meeting at 10:00 am I really don’t want to be at…and when the moments emerge like this morning, I miss them thinking about a battle over budget. How many have I not noticed!?!

And you, reading this right now, are you the same way? Autistic parent or regular parent…we should all strive to notice our little ones little things more often, don’t you agree? Just a public service message from Jerry

I’ve said it before – the greatest thing about children is they expand you beyond yourself and the greatest thing about Demetrius is he pretty much keeps me in the here and now. What I would take for granted with a ‘normal’ kid, I just can’t with him and when such moments happen – I can go ‘wow’. Maybe it is the extended ‘baby/toddler’ cycle – the first words, steps, sentences…I don’t always have the right words to explain this experience with him. But this was one of those ‘OH SHIT, DID THIS JUST HAPPEN WITH HIM?” moments. And it was a :30-to-one-minute conversation about a literacy bag from his kindergarten class.

I’m sure he’s moved on and forgotten all about this, his Mom too…but me, I’ve thought about it all morning long. I am hoping, in a weird kind of way, that I stop noticing these, that they become ‘the norm’, but I’ll remember this particular one for a long time.

Oh, and I’m glad also we didn’t wake Maya up doing it.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Forehead Cuddle On A Sick Day

What a boring Valentines Day date I am.  I got home, sick like Demetrius – and went right to bed.  I slept from 6:30pm until 6:45am this morning.  I hope Kim enjoyed the night to herself. 

Maya was bouncing off the walls, of course, she’d be the first to tell you why too – she’d eaten a lot of candy! So I didn’t go right to bed as I needed to hear about her party at 87 words per minute (poor Demetrius…having to sit there and hear about a party when he didn’t go to his)…and of course, the countdown of who gave what candy to whom.  However, Demetrius’ teacher emailed Kim last night and said his box was filled with valentines, and he could go through it today.

The great thing about being 7 years-old is you can bounce right back from being sick.  Demetrius was better this morning and had no problem eating breakfast and bouncing on the way to school.  Me, over the past 24 hours I’ve had a bit of Kashi cereal and some grapes.

But enough about me.

So there I was, laying in bed, not feeling my best, and like clockwork, Demetrius appears in our room and crawls into bed between us at about 6:00am, this morning.


“Yes, Demetrius.”

“You don’t feel good?”

“No, Daddy has the same tummy bug you have.”

“Do you need a cuddle?”

“Of course!”

So he scoots a bit over to me, rolls next to me, puts his stinky, ‘I’ve been sucking my thumbs’ hand on my head…and moves my forehead to his (for those of you that don’t know…many autistics like the feeling of pressure on certain places of their body, their chins, elbows, etc…Demetrius, not that uncommonly, likes to go forehead to forehead periodically).  I can smell his kid stinky breath (smells like his thumbs!) and he rubs his forehead back and forth on mine.  This is a real moment of empathy for him, plus the sensory input he is seeking.


“Yes, Demetrius.”

“Do you feel better, are you still sick?”

“Demetrius, I do feel better, you have made me much better…thank you.”

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Demetrius’ Valentines Whoas

The Most Awesome Valentines Day Photo Ever!  This just proves that beer and razors should never be mixed.

I’m just gonna type this in CAPS:  POOR DEMETRIUS.  I think the life of a kindergartner is a pretty simple, but one of the highlights outside of singing songs about bears and reading about wild things is, bar none, the fact that you have parties to celebrate holidays and you get big time psyched for those – Halloween, Winter Holidays, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day….

Well, Demetrius went home sick today with an upset tummy – so this means that he has missed both the school’s last two parties due to illness.

He was so excited about Valentines too – he wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s last night, and again this morning before he got on the bus.  Then he threw up when he got to school.

So, he’s at home…Mommy’s telling me that he’s not even interested in resting..and, oh, by the way….Daddy and Mommy both kind of feel achy and our tummies are rumbling too…

Happy Valentines in the Grasso house tonight.   Everyone will be sick and in bed by 8pm.

Ah, kids and winter – keeps the pharmaceutical companies and drug stores in business.

That said, I do feel for the kid…he was excited about seeing his red shoebox at school filled with Valentines notes….

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Buddy, Year One

You know, we’ve had Buddy about a year now.   He’s fit right in (and taken over the couch). 

Kim’s always wanted a dog around…we went ‘dog free’ for about five years as we had ‘babies’ and we didn’t want to see our little wee-ones crawling around eating kibble out of the dog dish, or having a hair ball hanging from their drooling lips.  So when Maya basically turned four, we started talking…within a month or so, we had Buddy.

Based on our prior experience as dog owners, we knew we wanted an older (but not too old) dog that was of mild temperment…which led us down the path to a golden retriever. We didn’t want to raise a puppy, and with Demetrius’ condition, well, we wanted a dog that wouldn’t be hoppy and jumpy and chew up his special toys…etc…

For those of you that don’t know, Buddy is a Katrina rescue dog.  His adoption name is ‘Buddy M’ – Buddy Mississippi.  He was found with his back legs wrapped in a barbed wire fence just North of Gulfport, MS.  It is amazing that this dog is alive, let alone running 5-7 miles with me a day.  He had a number of surgeries on his back legs and was turned over to the Atlanta chapter of the Golden Retriever Rescue Society.  We were paired up with Buddy as a potential family. It didn’t initially work out, but when he did visit, he was very relaxed as Maya bounced all over him as only an overly excited four-year-old can (on top of it, she was on a sugar high from a birthday party hours earlier).  The family he was paired with developed some dog allergies, and he went to the second choice…I like to think, the better choice – us.

Buddy is the right speed for Demetrius.  Many autistics don’t like animals – the smell, the noise, the unpredictability of them can really create havoc in their very structured lives.  So the fact that Buddy is so laid back makes this concern a pretty much non-issue for Demetrius.  Demetrius does not like to pet Buddy, he doesn’t like the feel of his hair between is fingers, so there is very little petting of the dog going on (he gets it from Kim and Maya)…but you will see Demetrius sit next to Buddy, he likes to have Buddy lay on his bed as he falls asleep, and he talks to Buddy (Buddy tends to take on cartoon characters…often he is Appa from ‘Avatar, the Last Airbender’…as Demetrius reenacts episodes as Ang he’ll ‘yip yip’ Buddy to fly him to the Southern Air Temple….Buddy, of course, chooses not to move off of the couch.)

Because there is a lack of barking from this dog, Demetrius isn’t scared.  And because he is older and doesn’t often just run all over the house crazy puppy like, there is not a lot of unpredictable behavior.  So Demetrius can wander down the hall, with Buddy lazily following – it works for us.

Look, we knew what we wanted, and it has worked out as perfectly as possible for Demetrius and his dog – but much of this is just dumb luck.  We could have gotten a dog that jumps up or goes ape shit when he hears the doorbell.  This may not have been good for Demetrius…and the dog’s laid back personality (oh, and his being fixed only adds to his laid back nature) may not be good for us, as he really won’t scare anyone (he is actually scared of the mail lady…and the UPS truck….and anyone who comes to the door).

But in terms of my boy’s autistic condition, and the dog’s personality – Buddy is the perfect fit for us.  My recommendation if considering a dog?  You know your kid(s) condition, what personality would fit that would make a good life for all involved…your child to get some sort of exposure outside of the nuclear family….the dog and how he/she reacts to everyone and every thing…and you, what you want out of a family pet, and how much time you can actually devote to the pet.

I mean, the kids and me are in bed by 9-9:30 pm every night…but Buddy…he will let Kim pet him through two hours of Grey’s Anatomy any time.

Hit fits like a glove for us.  We are blessed to have gotten so lucky with this dog.

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