Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Stunner

Great thing about blogs and friends that keep blogs? You can stay pretty much up-to-speed on their lives.

But then you forget and don’t visit their blog for awhile.

Then you do, and find out they’ve been battling breast cancer.

And you feel like a heel for forgetting that the work you are doing over here…doesn’t really matter as much as what’s going on over there.

Kelly – glad this ordeal is mostly over for you.

Shame on me for only finding out about this now.     

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I know I wrote about being a worrywart yesterday.  The appointment went fine.  When asked about his progress – the doctor’s descriptive word was, “incredible.”


Ecstatic whew.

Of course there are some concerns: such as where we are these days with his academic progress and potential next steps; his medication and the types thereof; therapies and day camps…then lookie lookie, its been an hour. Time’s up!

See you again in 6 months.

Think we’ll get ‘incredible’ in six months?  Dunno – timing is interesting here with a September meeting.  We are rounding out a school year and just really a month into another one by the time of the next 1:1.  So will we be able to discuss how school is going?  Hard to say…hard to say how many specials he’ll be in or how much time he’ll be in the resource room, and he’ll probably still be the only kid with an aide at the school…but, that’s all something to start worrying about very soon.

Today I’m going to keep myself immersed in ‘incredible’.


If you go the Larry King Web site, you can see the piece on Autism.  Bill Cosby, Toni Braxton, Suzanne Wright – all being interviewed.  Good stuff.  Bill Cosby is Bill Cosby.  They show the piece from the kid last year hitting all of those shots in the basketball game – Larry King asks Bill Cosby about it, the Coz retorts: “I don’t care if nothing’s wrong with you, hitting three out of four 3 pointers in a game is a tough shot.  In fact, I know some athletes that might actually watch that and say, ‘give me a bit of that!’.”  He’s able to get you to smile even talking about autism.  Bill Cosby…..

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