Monday, May 14, 2007

Photos for your Monday

Seems to me the trend I’m seeing on this blog are photos from the weekend, with more written content later in the week. Hmmmmm. Well, no change to this Monday’s posting!

Saturday the pool officially opened, but it was just too stormy out to go. So of course, the kids came out of their bedrooms Sunday morning with their swimsuits on. After some horse trading, we finally went to the pool for 3 hours yesterday afternoon. Sunburns all around, even with super sun blocker on. Here is Demetrius swimming with his friend, Sienna (he sits next to her on the bus to/from school….he often tells us he is going to marry her)

Maya hung out with Sky and Caroline…our first grade friend and the big girl from down the street. Well, Maya is social chairperson for the 4-7 year olds, so she hung out with alot of kids..and provided solid direction for each of them to follow, whether they wanted to or not

Demetrius had a Mother’s Day Tea at school on Friday, and some Father’s Day materials were included (sucks when the holiday falls during the summer!) So he created a book for me of some drawings and statements. This one says I’m good at taking him to the office!

We like to play trains together….

This is a good one. My Dad is really mad when I spill red Gatorade. No presents from the ‘spill of 07′ have had an impact….See the big red spill…its gi-normous to a wee-one!

I’m happy when Demetrius plays baseball…..

And I look my worst when the sun goes down (amen! I’m no night owl!)

And I look my best when I go to the office (the opposite of the above picture? Indeed!)

This is a page from a Charlotte’s Web book based off of last year’s movie. The page with the words (not in the picture) talks about how much Fern loves Wilber. However, if you look just below her hand with the bottle. You see a plate of bacon for Fern to eat. Now, I didn’t see the movie….but I found this very peculiar. Was it is a ‘misplaced’ prop in the movie (the bacon) that just seems even more so in this kid’s book? This is just weird beyond comparison. I just stopped reading when I saw the picture…..and laughed, of course





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