Friday, May 25, 2007

Waiting Rooms

I was trading emails with a friend about his second son – his first is autistic, and making great strides….the second? Well, Dad doesn’t think he’s autistic, just a bit delayed. His reasoning? Alot of time being dragged into waiting rooms for his older bro’s therapies and appts. Sad truth in the lives of the autistic siblings.

It made me think of a conversation I had with Maya once. Typical four year old language, but still – she was telling me about the neat waiting room and all the toys and tvs and kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s hospital…and which ones had nothing for her to do.

Yea, my heart kinda broke when she told me all of this.

Just made me think of the siblings, and what they have to go through. If you’ve got a couple of kids and one is autistic and the other isn’t…give the other an extra big hug, maybe go out for a special ice cream or something.

Sometimes we forget about them…even if it is just for a moment…they get a bit lost in our thinking about autisim, IEPs, social cues….

Yea, a hug and ice cream would be perfect.

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