Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Camel Poop Looks Like Rocks

So when Maya sent me an email, I told her I loved it and she liked that she could communicate with me differently than just talking on the phone. I could hear the wheels turning…

Maya: Daddy, can you send an email to Emily?

Daddy: Of course, Ms. Heike will read it to her.

So we sent her an email talking about how much we miss her and that Maya was going to the zoo yesterday. Emily responds with this classic:

Here’s a message from Emily to Maya:

We went to a zoo in Aachen, Germany. My favorites were the baby goats – one was black with white spots and the other was white with brown spots and they cuddled. We also went to the Aqua Zoo and to a circus zoo, where we could see all the circus animals that we had seen in the show before. I loved the tigers!!! I rode on a camel, too. And the camel poop looks like rocks.
I like you Maya and can’t wait to see you,


Didn’t know that about camel poop. Of course, when I read it to Maya, she cracked up and focused on the poop sentence. Of course, so did I……

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