Monday, July 23, 2007

The Good, The Bad And The Birthday

We had a good time with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Francine this past weekend.  Along with the tea party, we had a scavenger hunt for pyramids in the neighborhood (you know, like those in Egypt) and mummies.  We watched alot of super hero movies, and the grown ups even got out for a dinner and a movie. 

On Saturday, we had more festivities, as it was a celebration of Uncle Jimmy’s upcoming birthday:

Great shot of the kids with Aunt Francine and Uncle Jimmy.  Note that as soon as we were done with this photo Demetrius went to time out.  He carved a nice wedge in the icing as he walked away from Uncle Jimmy (oh well, he had a finger to lick while in time out…) 

Demetrius and Uncle Jimmy played alot of Avatar, the Last Airbender on the computer, and last night I was told I was not as much fun as Uncle Jimmy.  Maya also mentioned that Aunt Francine was very good with tea parties, maybe she should do that to make some money.  Is there money in the tea party business?

The trip got a little funky as we had some gremlins running throughout the house destroying things:

  • Thursday night, the garbage disposal broke and we had a leak under the sink.  Plumber replaced it on Friday morning
  • Thursday night, the power went out in our family room.  The electrician fixed the wiring on Friday (former home owners installed ceiling fan improperly), mid-morning
  • Friday night, air conditioning upstairs went out. Won’t be repaired until Wednesday (ugh!)
  • Sunday afternoon, blade on lawn mower snaps in half

So one has to question why the gods turned on me so quickly? What did I do? Was it to make up for picking on my sister as a kid?  Could be that I was being punished because I made Demetrius turn off the Batman DVD…I was ‘just being mean’ by not letting him and Uncle Jimmy watch it for the 23rd time this past weekend (though I don’t think Uncle Jimmy was upset at not having to watch it umpteen times…)


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