Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Slushee Tuesday

Last night Mommy had a neighborhood ladies spa night – so it was me and the little injuns all on our own. Monday I suggested we do something ‘different’ – for dessert we’d go out and get a slurpee! I got fist pounding approval from the two of them (I’m pretty sure they had no idea what a slurpee was, but it sounded delicious!). So last night when I got home, they were showering from going to the pool – so I quickly threw together some dinner for the two of them so we could get to the slurpee ASAP. Demetrius was first down…of course, negotiating with me what movie he would watch after we went and got ‘syrup-ees’.

I just had to laugh at his outfit. He was dressed like a cross between a northeastern grandpa down in Florida for the winter and a Skandinavian exchange student. Dark blue dress socks, plaid shorts…a baby blue autism tee shirt. Wow. Certainly a sight unseen ever before:

Who’s ready for the Abba concert? As long as it is over early enough for the early bird special at Denny’s….

Maya came down with her hair combed and with barrettes, in a very nice dress – and a purse (the purse had rocks in it, how tom boyish she is at times!). She wanted to go get the slurpee before dinner…but I was able to talk her out of it until after the meal.

They ate as fast as humanly possible at 5 and 7 years old, got into Daddy’s car and I drove to the QuikTrip to get our special treat. As we pulled up….

Maya: Daddy?

Daddy: Yes, Maya?

Maya: Did you need to get gas before our treats?

Daddy: Maya, this is where we get slurpees at.

Maya: Oh, I thought we were going somewhere special.

When I was a kid, we got ours at the local 7/11 in Texas. Maya obviously had something else in mind…not a treat from the gas station. She was, early on, hugely disappointed with this hyped up excursion for sugar up to this point. When we entered the store, we went toward the slurpee machines in the back, past the hot dog machine….

Maya: Daddy, I do not want a hot dog, okay?

We saw the slurpee machine, there were six different flavors to choose from. In an effort to make this anything but the largest disappointment in my 5 year old daughter’s life, I let her try each flavor. While trying each one, Demetrius asked for ‘red’ (cherry). Took a sip. Sat down on the floor next to the magazines, and began flipping through Blender. Wow. He had to be affected by the color combination of his outfit. For those of you not hitting the hyperlink to the magazine’s web site, here’s the cover of this month’s issue:

This is what the kids are reading these days? I’m getting too old – I’m more of a Rolling Stone guy myself…..

Back to Maya…

I can see that she’s still not totally impressed even though she’s tried cherry, cola, green apple, blueberry, lemonade and pina colada flavored slurpees….

Daddy: Which do you want?

Maya: I like the lemonade and the blueberry

Daddy: How about half of each?

Of course, she didn’t know the old slurpee trick of filling up the see through plastic cup with half-and-half. Now we were going places in Maya’s mind.

Maya: Daddy, that’s cool! Next time, put in red, like the flag of Georgia (not American flag? State flag focus? I’m pretty sure it is now time to move after that statement….I don’t even know what the state flag of Georgia looks like…or in Maya’s mind, the United States of Georgia!).

On the way home…

Maya: Daddy, next time Mommy has a party, lets go to a special store that has special treats, and maybe go out to dinner, okay?

I can see that the coolness of the half-and-half slurpee wears pretty thin, pretty fast….

Daddy: Okay baby….

So, three slurpees at QuikTrip cost me $3.07. If I take her and Demetrius to dinner and for an ice cream, that’s easily $40.00. All I can say is that she’s learning alot from her mother about managing Daddy’s money and her expectations on a go forward basis. ;-)

Picture of a Maya brain freeze:

Picture of the inside of Daddy’s wallet:

At least I got out of the store without having to buy that issue of Blender and explain that to Mommy when she got home…




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