Thursday, August 16, 2007

School Recap/First Couple of Days

The first couple of days are just overwhelming in terms of talking from Maya. I forget how much all of this is new for her….everything is a new, exciting experience….with new, exciting friends to make…and chocolate milk. At school, you can pick out what you want for lunch, and pick out your drink, which includes a chocolate milk option.

Holy crap! Whey didn’t anyone tell her about how great school is! She would have started Kindergarten earlier than this year if she had known about this chocolate milk option! It seems the first week is just settling in and meeting teachers and getting used to your surroundings. And coming home and singing songs to Mommy and Daddy.

Oh, and someone has made a big impression on her. She’s becoming much more animated in her speaking and hand movements. Alot of emphasis on things…”Mommy, that’s the truth!” Dunno where she has picked this up from…Said like a court scene in a bad mid-day soap opera. Its cute!

A little tougher for Super D. He wants to go back to Ms. Ball’s class, it is what he knows, so he’s uncomfortable in his new class, but he’s spending time with Ms. Ahmad (resource room, specialist), which is helping him with the transition to first grade. But he’s a bit off center when he gets home. Of course it has us worried, but there aren’t too many actionables out of this unless we see after a couple of weeks it isn’t getting any better….

He needs to get to know a new aide, a new teacher, and a whole flock of new kids in his class. That’s a lot for a regular 7 year old to process and get through, will be significantly amplified for this child. We shouldn’t be surprised, or too concerned, but of course we are. We are his over protective/worry-to-much/analyze way too much parents. Its our job.

Also, if your kids have sensory integration issues, like Super D, we found an over-the-counter solution that really seems to be helping him focus. Under Armour. Yup. One of those tight fitting shirts that look good on NFL athletes but not couch potatoes? Well, they are stretchy, silky and are tight on the bod, giving Demetrius continuous, ongoing sensory input that he likes. If your kid is like Demetrius and craves this type of input (always leaning on people, likes hugs)…this is a great solution. We bought him three, he’ll wear one every day. Of course, he’s cut like an athlete at the age of 7. Unlike his dad. I just cut food with a fork.


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