Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lucky Dog

I’ve mentioned before that I’m often jealous of Kim because she gets to do things with the kids that I don’t.  Great example:

This morning she shows up at the kids school to have lunch with Maya.  Maya doesn’t know, surprises her.  Big hugs, big smiles hand holding of Mommy to show her in line where you get your tray, where the milk is, etc..both have burgers for lunch.

Kim sits down with Maya at the table…Maya proceeds to talk to her new girlfriends all through lunch about the day.  Mommy, well, Mommy’s just there…sitting next to Jack. Another little boy in the neighborhood who says to Kim: “Don’t you know my Mommy from the pool?”  Kim: “Yes Jack, I’m Maya’s mommy.” Jack: “Okay.”

Kim listened to the little girls, obviously – it was all very serious about the morning activities.  In the interim, Demetrius’ class walks in for lunch.  Kim waves to Demetrius.  He looks over her way, sees his Mommy, smiles and then covers his ears….too much to process with all the noise in the cafeteria….and his Mommy sitting over yonder.

Again, Kim’s the lucky one…

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