Friday, November 2, 2007

Give Me Your Ice

Last night I picked Demetrius up at therapy. Nice to do that periodically. I was a bit early, so I stopped and got an iced decaf coffee to drink while I waited for him to finish (decaf and a crossword puzzle, so nice)….Demetrius, came out of therapy, zeroed in on my drink.

Demetrius: Daddy, what do you have?

Daddy: Iced coffee.

Demetrius: I like iced coffee!

He proceeds to drink about half of it.

I stare at him. Demetrius drinks four things: water, milk, orange juice and lemonade. He sometimes chomps ice. That’s it. He walked over and drank this like it was his all time favorite. He makes a bit of the kid ‘that’s really bitter’ face, and then reads a Thomas The Tank Engine book while I talk to the therapist.

We get in the car and start to drive home.

Demetrius: Daddy, can you finish your iced coffee?

Daddy: Yes, why, do you want some more?

Demetrius: No, I just want to eat your ice. I drank it so you would give me your ice. Hurry up, give me your ice.

Smart, smart boy….

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