Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pictures From This Past Weekend

So Mackenzie’s dad danced with the Daisies while I snapped a few photos….

Then Maya and Allie started swinging each other around as fast as possible….

And crashed hard (notice that the other kids cleared out of this sock hopping area)….

Funny, they look so sweet after body slamming….

I love this Dad’s wig…he got into it big time….

Finally though, I got a dance in with the greatest girl in the world….

At McDonalds Demetrius had an ice cream cone while watching SpongeBob…..

Maya enjoyed a cool treat too…..

Demetrius had enough of the grown up dinner and wanted to leave the restaurant on Saturday night and come home and open presents….

But then, as we were getting worked up, they brought the birthday chocolate cheesecake…..

Chocolate Cheesecake? Mommy of course needed to help…..

We finally got home to open some birthday presents….


Mommy and Maya at the American Girl Bistro (check it out in the background, who brings a boy to the American Girl Bistro? The making of a Nancy Boy if I ever saw one….)

Nonni and Maya at the American Girl store…..

Marie (Maya’s American Girl doll) actually had a seat…and a cuppa joe….

My lord, check out my daughter posing in front of the American Girl Store….Ugh….

Demetrius climbed a tree to show off for his grandparents…

Then we had to take a picture before Grandpa took off for his plane ride back to Texas…

What a weekend!

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2 Responses to “Pictures From This Past Weekend”

  1. Casdok says:

    What a lovely photo record of the weekend!
    Bet you are all worn out!!

  2. Marla says:

    Great pictures! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun dancing!
    We are praying to be able to go to the American Girl Doll Store in Chicago this Spring with a little friend of M’s. Looks like a blast…..for me and my other mom friend anyway. :)