Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Bad Day

Yesterday, Demetrius threw a number of fits.  Big, kicking the ground/screaming at the top of his lungs fits.  Sometimes you gotta ride those through. The kid has a hard time expressing himself, it could be a number of things, and sometimes he’s just tired and cranky…..

All that said, during dinner Demetrius just opened up and told us (Mom, Dad and Nonni) that the kids at school were making fun of him, making him mad.  It seemed that once he told us this, that he was better the remainder of the evening (in terms of not throwing fits) but I have no doubt this troubled his mother greatly.  How do I know, well, he got alot of snuggles from her…he was requesting snuggles from her….and kicked me out of his room as soon as I was done reading some books to him (I take that back what I wrote earlier, he threw a nice fit when we didn’t read a book for the umpteenth time he wanted to read last night) so Mom could help relax him.

Moms do have those magic powers.

I know this is part of what he is going to have to deal with, on a daily basis, in his life when he wears headphones to the cafeteria, does TV talk and has an aide in the classroom.  He stands out more than someone with ‘Vote for Guiliani’ bumper stickers still.   I’m glad he was able to communicate to us that this was bothering him, but we need to get it to a place that he communicates it more quickly so that we can help remedy the fits by helping him get over the frustration from a long hard day…the best that we can.

Maya also had a bit of a hard time of it yesterday. While the kids were playing in the backyard, Demetrius dropped a brick on her foot. I’ve told the kids not to play with bricks for, well, the last year or so, and I’ve said it over a gizzilion times.  After the tears and screaming in pain (she was fine and walked it off, nothing broken)… we now know why Dad says don’t play with the bricks.

Of course, if I wasn’t an idiot, I wouldn’t have them laying there. Time to get rid of the bricks from the former flower garden….

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