Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nonni Went Home Today…But Did She Leave Toys?

After just under a week here in Alpharetta, our Nonni went home to Texas today, on Valentines Day. Of course, we know it is because she missed Grandpa and today is a day for lovebirds to frolic…..(who we kidding, she’s gonna be wiped out after a week in our crazy house). Demetrius got home from school and wanted to know where she was:

Demetrius: Did Nonni go home on a plane to Texas to see Grandpa?

Daddy: Yes, Nonni flew on a plane to see Grandpa?

Demetrius: Did she leave me any new toys?

You gotta love the honesty of this kid. Lets get down to brass tacks….any more toys I don’t have she was holding out until the end? Heh-heh…..

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