Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost Teeth And A Rainy Weekend

Maya lost another of her front teeth last night, she truly is fun to listen to right now.  As many of you know, one of Maya’s favorite pasttimes is to talk – she hates ‘quiet’ times. In fact, she says the only part of school she doesn’t like is quiet time after stories and recess.  So as she babbles and chortles and demands her brother’s full attention, she’s slurring her words like a sorority girl on a bender.  You know, because she ‘losthhh herwww frthonttth toowwffff’….

There was alot of blood, which always gets this girl concerned.  She can’t seem to get past the fact there will be blood when a big ol tooth is dislodged from her head.  Nonetheless, we sucked on an ice cube wrapped in a towel, and stared at the blood…along with our brother… who wanted to ‘hold’ the tooth for awhile. Maya knows only too well that this means the tooth goes into the abyss, never to return like so many Barbie outfits and shoes and such that Demetrius ‘has borrowed’ in the past.

(Editorial: Demetrius wants to keep all the action figures in the house in his room.  This includes Maya’s Barbies, which fall under the Demetrius category of action figures.  Periodically he gets a good chewing from his sister for taking all of her Barbies…though there is a Maginot line when it comes to her American Girl doll. That’s off limits, and Demetrius knows this all too well.)

We are supposed to have storms all weekend long, I’m anticipating our soccer games being cancelled tomorrow (the worst of the rain is supposedly going to hit us late tonight and early tomorrow morning). What to do?

Possibly see Nim’s Island?
Make homemade Mac & Cheese?
Have a ton of friends over?
Plant some trees (we had a dead tree removed from the front yard).  This has to be done this weekend, regardless.

So I asked Demetrius what he might want to do?

Demetrius’ answer, “Play on the computer, watch movies and eat popcorn!”

Maya’s response, “Will popcorn hurt my mouth without my front teeth?”

Should be an interesting weekend….

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