Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guest Post From Nonni

Below are my Mom’s (Nonni Cheryl) views on the talk that Temple Grandin gave last week in Atlanta:

Last week my daughter-in-law Kim and a friend of Kim’s saw Dr. Temple Grandin at the CDC Center at Emory.  It was an evening that I can with honesty say impacted the audience and me on many more levels than expected.

Dr. Grandin spoke with integrity, insight and to my surprise much humor.

What did I truly garner from the evening?

That the world of a person afflicted with Autism is not filled with just complication and turmoil.  There is awareness, and the ability to analyze, and then adjustment to situations.  These may not occur as rapidly as the neuro-typical world responses but they occur!

That a support system around them, helps to teach the person on the spectrum that there is an arena for possibility, independence on different levels, and the chance to develop good relationships with people.

That the medical and educational communities are making strides with the understanding and needs of Autistic individuals everyday.

That there were many great contributors to our society who were Autistic.  These contributions changed the course of civilization, and the consequences of those changes were for the greater good.
However, Dr. Grandin herself was the best lesson of the night.  She was intelligent, humorous, curious and very Autistic.  She was enthralling!
I offer my gratitude to the CDC for giving this evening to the community and to the sponsors who paid to make this possible.  My love to my daughter-in-law for being kind enough to ask me to go to the lecture with them.  Now I have so much more hope.

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Temple Grandin and Hardwood Floors

I’ve heard from a lot of you that you want Kim to give a recap of the Temple Grandin speech. Both Kim and Nonni Cheryl will be providing guest posts in the near future, stay tuned.

We are getting our hardwood floors refinished in the house right now, which the kids love, since the furniture is all pushed into the living and family rooms, resembling a playground. Last night we could stay in the house (the contractors haven’t put the finish down yet) and all the rooms have plastic and are taped up…and the house echoes when you talk. So, of course, this means our kids scream to hear themselves at the maximum volume level.

Buddy also proved that, once again, he is not a protector…or for that fact, a Cocker Spaniel – he’ll neither bark defensively at the workers or pee on the floor in fear. As the contractors tore the moulding and baseboards off the floor, Buddy laid on the couch and slept. In between cracking noises and hammers banging, you could hear the dog snoring. As one of the contractors said, “I don’t think we are really bothering him over there on the couch.”

According to Kim, you know what would really accompany the new hardwood floors? New granite counter tops.

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