Thursday, May 1, 2008

Respect For The Coach

Demetrius had a ‘make up’ soccer game last night. Now, for most kids that’s kind of cool, right? Well, when you are autistic, and this isn’t part of the ‘norm’, then it can be an issue. So much so you refuse to play. Which is fine, Demetrius had a good time running around the ball fields that weren’t being played on. 

But it was interesting to watch him when his team’s coach showed up.  He was a touch late (traffic) so some of the other dads kicked in to help, but when Demetrius saw his coach, he immediately ran over and sat down on the bench, instead of ignoring my requests to behave, go and sit with the team, or maybe, go in the game!

Demetrius never played, but he behaved. It is always a funny situation when watching your kids interact with other adults, especially authority figures.  As one mother commented, “Just be happy they are doing something that their coaches and teachers tell them to do… even if they do completely ignore us.”


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Lunch with the almost first graders

About once, twice a quarter I’ve been making it up to the elementary school for lunch with the kids. I haven’t seen so much a change from the 1st graders, but oh my, have I seen a change from those kindergartners.

When I first went up and had lunch, Maya sat on my lap, held my hand…and we chatted. Now, well, as I’ve said before, I get to sit there and listen to her talk with her friends.

Now, there are only 17 days left in the school year, so the kids are juiced and ready for summer, and so are the teachers.

One little boy told me today, on reliable info, I’m sure, that if you eat your dessert first, then your vegtables, your lunch is now actually healthy for you.

String cheese makes you fart. Like beer does for XXX’s daddy.

One little girl forgot to get ketchup for her sandwich. Maya volunteered me to do it. I wasn’t busy. I’m surprised she didn’t have me hold her purse.

They are making a ‘Small World’ movie like at Disney World. Just like the did with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney World is the greatest place in the world. Though XXX’s daddy thinks the golf courses around there are better and quieter.

XXX’s Mommy isn’t having any more kids. She’s tired of being crazy.

These kids are now almost first graders, and almost 6 and a half, and almost big enough to stay up until 9 p.m.

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