Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Sad

I hate these types of news stories.

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Demetrius – Chess Master

I found out something about the boy I didn’t know previously, that being he’s a bit of a chess fanatic.  I always thought he was ‘mirroring’ Geri’s Game (The Pixar Short that played before Monster’s Inc.) but no, he plays it on the computer at school all the time.

After his haircut yesterday, we went to Target and I went to get him a chess board and he says to me: “No daddy, Grandpa is bringing a chess board to the beach to play with me. Get me a computer game of chess.”  So I did.  He beat the computer at the  ‘novice’ level.  Intermediate gave him some trouble and he got frustrated and moved on to another game…but I’m kinda impressed.

My dad is a huge chess fan. I’m really not a board game guy (I like Risk once every blue moon), but looks like I am going to have to learn here being wedged in birthorder between two chess masters….

Bobby Fischer I aint…..

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