Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caught Ya

So we have almost finished the home office, and the way the room is laid out….you walk right in and you see Kim’s desk and computer, etc….in front of that is a sofa facing the wall with the ‘new TV’ with the DVD player in it.

But my area is about the size of small office cube…really a cubby in front of the window facing the front of the house.

Now, unless you turn and look, you don’t see any of my office set up.

So I’m working on a PR plan for a client, and I see Kim and the kids get home from swimming lessons, Demetrius scoots in the house well ahead of his sister and mother….works his way up here into the office.  Doesn’t see me working at my desk and he attempts to turn on the TV and watch a movie…

Jerry: Hey Superstar, whatcha doin?

Demetrius actually hops startled…..

Demetrius: Daddy, why are you here?  Shouldn’t you be at an office?

Jerry: Should you be trying to watch a movie on a TV you aren’t supposed to turn on, in a room you aren’t supposed to be in…

Awkward silence here….

Demetrius: I love you Daddy (and he takes his movie and backs out of the room, covering his butt {you know, in-case-of -spanking-butt-covering}, smiling at me that big ol caught in the act grin)….

The kid is a pro, now he’ll look over before he comes flying into the room to see where I’m at, I’m sure….

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