Monday, June 2, 2008

Type A Maya, Charlie and The Toys and Pain

Do you guys ever have this happen with your autistic kids? Demetrius stubbed his toe on the stairs, you can see the eyes bulge, the pain starts to set in, but because he can’t process the feelings & reactions properly, he just shuts down for a few minutes?

If he were a computer, I’d say it’s a bit like the ‘blue screen of death’ for Microsoft users, which sometimes, you just reboot the computer and it works fine after that for awhile. He needs a reboot – he’s out of whack and really can’t tell you he’s in pain initially. After a few sensory hugs and talking to him he starts to process properly and, bingo, he tells you his toe hurts and asks for a Band-Aid (no blood, no Band-Aid in this house).

It makes you shudder to think about how he’d act with a broken bone or God-forbid something worse. Of course, I can see out the office window right now he’s off riding his bike, so clearly he’s not dying? ☺


We had our friends Charlie and Lisa out from Denver this weekend. The kids were so excited to meet and play with Charlie. I always forget the excitement that a child feels before an ‘event’. They couldn’t sleep until they got in on Friday night.

Charlie was a hoot, rooms filled with new toys! He spent, literally, all morning and all evening (when we were home) in Demetrius’ room playing with his superheroes and in the basement doing the same. I’m not sure he entered Maya’s room at all. A room that’s yellow and pink and has American Girls stuff all over it…or a room with a ton of superhero Fatheads on the walls? Can you blame him?

Here they are all are before bed on Saturday night. Notice Charlie on Lisa’s lap. He’s wiped out (we also spent about three hours at the pool on Saturday).


Maya lacks the appropriate amount of fear for a child her age. I think partly it is personality, partly being the second child, partly because Demetrius has none. So when we go to the pool, often, she spends an inordinate amount of time for a six-year-old in the deep end. I keep an eye on her after about 1.5-2 hours at the pool to make sure she isn’t wearing out swimming in the deep. Yesterday she was playing with a boy in her Kindergarten class and he wouldn’t go into the deep end.

Maya: Why?

Little Boy: I’m scared to go unless I’m on a noodle or on a float.

Maya goes down to the bottom touches it and comes back up.

Maya: So you can’t do that then?

Little Boy: No.

Maya: Maybe you shouldn’t be a first grader then?

We had a little talk. There is a place for making sure the boys in her life are under her thumb. This isn’t it. ‘Not nice’ conversations took place. Maya listened. Then she smiled her toothless grin.

Maya: He also peed his pants in Ms. Coxwell’s class last year. He won’t be able to do that in first grade!

It is going to take a very strong boy to deal with this one in the future….

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