Tuesday, June 17, 2008


June has turned warm here in Georgia (in the 90s!) but when we got home from the beach, we were enthused at how the garden was blooming. The kids were really proud. I have them help me in the yard plant things, so they are excited when their efforts bloom. Demetrius especially, because the flowers, “make Mommy happy.”

This is the first year our hydrangea bloomed…and bloom it did, over twenty five so far…

Maya’s sunflower is just stunning

The impatiens are also starting to bloom

Daisies are also nice….not enough for a chain….but still…..

Coming from Texas, we had to plant bluebonnets…..

So we cut a couple of the hydrangeas and roses from the rose bush and put them in the front hallway….

Okay, okay….one more picture of the beach:

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