Monday, June 23, 2008

University of Louisville To Create Autism Center

I’d like to see more of these popping up in the news….
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Greatest Pick Up Line Ever

A friend of mine was telling me about her three year old son, and how he really likes to hang out with older girls…and we debated on whether or not Maya would give him the time of day.  (Maya’s not one of those kids that really takes to ‘Mommy-ing’ other little kids…if the kid can keep up, great.  If not…come back when you can!)

She was telling me how smooth her son is with the ladies. For instance, at a birthday party last week, he went over to a 9 year old girl and sat down next to her.  When she finally acknolwedged he was alive he struck with the best line ever:

“So what is your favortie sea creature?”

Classic. I love it. Good, good stuff.

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