Thursday, June 26, 2008

Really Interesting Discussion On

I read this on the Trib’s blog yesterday, and saw the posting today. Yes, I think all the points made are totally relevant, but I don’t have the whole story, from at least what I’ve been able to find (if you have more, let me know)…

If we want to throw blame around (what’s the point)… don’t we have to put some of it on the parent traveling with the boy?

It is incumbent on all of us to at least be aware of the threshhold of our own children, and their ability to react and handle situations.  I am not judging at all here, but it seems to be that this might have been a subject that should have been vetted before it escalated.

God and everyone that knows me knows that I don’t do everything right in regards to managing Super D, but when we do travel with the kids (and we do a fair amount of flying) I almost always tell authority figures throughout the process that D is special needs.  Look, I promise you this, that if the boy was downs syndrome, with all the facial features so evident, that this flight attendant, most likely, would have approached the situation differently. As I’ve written repeatedly, our children don’t have those markers for others – we have to help them along the way…and it seems to be that this is exactly what is needed in this situation. 

Ms. Rudy hits on this, but there is some culpability here on the parents to make sure the calming toys/lovies are reachable (as stated) and that the parties that need to know, know that the child has disabilities/special needs. If that was conveyed up front to American Airlines, shame on them…but if not, we need to think about these types of things before we travel (Maddie does a great job writing about these things on her blog with her boys. So does Marla with Maize.)

What thinks you?

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