Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not What I Was Expecting The First Day Of School

Maya ran into a post and had to go to the nurse’s office. Of course, she was talking and not watching where she was going…and the nurse and new teacher wanted to know when was the last time she had her eyes checked?

Of course, it isn’t her eyes that’s the problem, it’s that motor mouth and not looking where she is going.

A funny – two years ago, at the first Autism Speaks Autism Walk, she was talking while she was walking and she ran into this sign in the middle of the walk. Fell backwards and splayed on the ground. Now, everyone around you goes to help up the five-year-old, she dusts herself off, and tells everyone she’s not hurt. The woman who helped me help her up listens to her, and says to me, “She makes such good eye contact and speaks so well.”

Because Maya ran into a great big sign, this woman assumed it was she, and not Demetrius, that was the autistic child.

Moving on…

So Demetrius was a bit nervous, was chewing his gum…and for some reason put it in his hair. Knowing he isn’t supposed to play with his gum, he gets off the bus yesterday, runs past Mommy, gets a pair of scissors and goes into the bathroom…and cuts a bald spot in his head trying to get it out. I know the lighting isn’t good in this photo…but he has a bald spot on his already crew-cutted head:

Makes you wonder what day two will be like….

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