Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Focus and Plastic

I was speaking with a co-worker yesterday and she mentioned that a friend of hers had been told by a doctor that there is trend in thinking among doctors that autism might have to do with exposure to plastic. Anyone heard that?  This was new to me (when she asked me I gave the classic guy answer, “I dunno?”), if so, can someone educate me on it?

Second, Demetrius’ folder home yesterday had a mention in it that he had yelled at his aide and demanded to go home on Monday.  Got the frownie face for the day.

Clearly, I spoke way too soon about adjusting well back at school.

After being a bit of a #(*$ all night (minus when we went to the rock climbing wall, man he impressed me there) and yelling at his mom earlier when she was trying to get him to do his homework….he got TV taken away today. 

When I told him this, he gave me a swift kick from his bed.  I let this one lie as he was already in trouble and had been punished.  He did get the stern no kicking warning and cried a bit before falling asleep.

I’m trading emails with his teachers and his aunts (also both teachers) on steps we can take to try to eliminate, and if not that, minimize, the fits and screaming.  Certainly taking TV away worked TODAY, but will it tomorrow?  We need to find a way for him to be more comfortable in this 2nd grade environment.

And he needs to get it, fast, that there is no yelling at the teachers, period.  No matter how frustrated he is (I agree with Kim and my father’s analysis that this is an autistic result of lack of social skills and his inability to process appropriately and know where the line is), he will quickly learn there will be ramifications, immediate ramifications, for this type of behavior. 

Last night, at about 11:15, after I had just nodded off (I had stared at the ceiling fan thinking about all of this) he got up and woke me up.  He wanted to know if he was good today at school, could he earn TV back (he had been asleep, he must have rolled over and popped up with this in his head).  I had him go pee (after this I knew why he was up), and when he asked again I thought about telling him we’d talk about it in the morning.  But I knew better, he’d have trouble going back to bed without a definitive yes/no answer.  So ‘no’ it was. He has to learn that behavior = results. 

Following through half asleep though is quite hard for an adult though…

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