Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In my yard, and I became Carl…

Yesterday seemed to be a continual bummer of a day.  Maya didn’t feel well (though we did go get sandwiches at Subway and eat lunch together, which I always love, just the two of us. I rarely get alone time with her like that) and then got bored as only a kid can when her parents are working and she’s played with her boring toys, drawn till her fingers hurt, and watched way too much TV.  She was even ready for Demetrius to come home!

Oh, and she developed some weird sort of heat rash that was spotty throughout the day, and then all over her body when she went to bed.  We think it is from the weather changes we’ve had (70 degree days followed by 85 degree days and some ‘mommy soap’ she used in the shower)….

Demetrius had a bit of a bad day, an autistic day, if you will – a lot of time wanting to do TV talk, stay in his bubble…but that often happens on days where he has school and therapy…and probably double that for the fact that he has therapy on Mondays now.

I was also bummed when we tried to load his new video game on the computer, and it kept crashing.  The kids have a PC that is loaded with nothing but games and educational programs…isn’t connected to the Internet, this is all it is for…and this particular type of game (Lego computer game) just crashes each time we try to load one on.  No idea.  So I promised him that I would take it back and get him another one. This appeased him.

Finally, last weekend I spent an inordinate amount of time in the yard working on dead spots from the drought….only to come out and see that a mole was tearing up the yard.  In fact, at one point, as I was standing there pushing down his ‘tunnels’, I see a tunnel pop up across the yard.  Hello Caddyshack.  I am a big believer in nature living in my yard (remember that snake photo from June? Well, I am letting it live in our yard), but now I’ve got these tunnels all over and also he’s tearing up the grass.  I think some mole ‘peanuts’ will have to be put down.  I hate to do it, but I also don’t want a yard torn up from the bottom up either (and he’s gonna eat all of our bulbs, and rip up root systems of my baby trees).

Kim was laughing at me though, I was out there like Carl in Caddyshack looking at those tunnels last night…

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