Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Fury and The Fit

Periodically, things are different on the phone then they are in person. It can give you some insight when you aren’t reacting emotionally in the room.

Maya has always been a bit obnoxious when Kim’s on the phone.  But she’s been going nuts when Kim has asked her to clean her room. Big fits.  Screaming.  I assume it is because it is the natural reaction we all have to cleaning our rooms. 

She’s not the first or last.

But I hear her getting so worked up, “DEMETRIUS MESSED MY ROOM UP!”
I don’t doubt that Demetrius played a part, but I don’t think he made the whole mess. But what I do think she’s right about is that he doesn’t clean up her room.  He gets away with it (even if he has to clean up his room) and it is frustrating.

But what I do think is that she’s frustrated as all sisters are with brothers who enter the inner sanctum of ‘her’ room, but because of his condition, he gets away with a little more than the other brothers do.  

So when he makes a mess, she’s really, really frustrated and there isn’t much she can do but yell at him that he’s not allowed to go in her room, ever again.  Which to Demetrius can mean, I dunno, five minutes?

I think what we need to realize is that sometimes we do need to help her pick up her room when he makes a mess, and quit putting all of it on her shoulders all of the time.  Maybe a little understanding.

Of course, how do you know when she’s just trying to get out of cleaning her room and get a little help?

Well, a nice thing about her being type A is that the color of red she gets when she throws a fit can tell you where the line of the truth is…

Any of you guys get this with your neuro-typicals?

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