Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Photos

Getting Ready to go to church….

Maya when she went to see the Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre

Candy in the stocking!

Presents, presents, presents….

Mini Lite Brite….

Maya and Daddy (excited that Santa gave her the REI gift card for her new bike….)

This is the big gift from Nonni and Grandpa…the box was filled with like, 8686 new super heroes!


Once opened, the playing with the toys must begin (look behind them, who is supervising from the leather chair…    
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Is This Actually Happening

Is this the end of the sheared sheep?

Happy Holidays ya’ll.  I took a few days off as I wanted to spend some quality time with the fam – don’t worry though, I’ll be posting some holiday pictures soon.  

My folks gave me a gift card from Brooks Brothers for the holidays.  They know I’ll put it to good use.

I’m nothing but a bunch of odd sizes.  Huge chest.  Short arms.  Short legs.  Chubby torso with big thighs but somewhat small hips with no butt.  I’m not the best proportioned guy in the world.  So before I head out to a store, I call to make sure that they either have it in stock in my size, or, that they can get it to a store in my size quickly.  

Jerry:  Do you have a Harris Tweed herringbone two button jacket in either tan or black and white?

Brooks Brothers Rep:  We aren’t ordering anymore.

Jerry: Do you have a camel hair in tan or chocolate?  

Brooks Brothers Rep:  We aren’t ordering anymore.

Jerry:  Okay…tropical wool pleated slacks in tan and in heather gray

Brooks Brothers Rep:  We aren’t ordering anymore.

Jerry: Are you guys going out of business? (NOTE – I’m not on with the local store here in Atlanta, I’m on with the 800 #)

Brooks Brothers Rep: I don’t think so, we just aren’t ordering anymore products. 

Jerry: Okay, I would like to order two windowpane button downs….

Brooks Brothers Rep:  Those are backordered and I can’t see when we are due to get them in stock.

So I just ordered three shirts that I know would be in stock, white, non-iron traditional fit button downs.

I have to say I know that Brooks Brothers has been on a growth spree over the past few years – airports and expanding their stores. I just wonder if this American institution is on the ropes…they aren’t making their numbers or are too extended.

For me? Well, this is extremely sad as it is basically the only store this weird body shops at.  I know exactly how every jacket, suit, sock and shirt fit.  I’d hate for that to go away…but these days, who can say.  I guess we’ll know here soon when they are out of white button downs.

Well, I guess this isn’t as big a deal for Demetrius – it’s not like the store sells super hero tee-shirts that he’d want.
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