Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Schools, Well, Sort of….

Another Co-Worker of mine is also looking for a house in Lexington, and she’s worried about how much of a bloodbath it will be selling her house (as are we trying to sell in Atlanta).  See, they’ve been district-ed out of the school they want to send their boys to, so they are willing to move to make sure the kids are in the right school district, even if it means losing some equity to do so.

I told her that I thought her kids would be fine in the end, whether they decided to move or not. She and I discussed how I thought I would know this for sure, as I’ve not met her kids.

I told her about our experiences in ATL at the school really wanted Demetrius at, which ended up not working out at all, and how the one we looked past initially, has been nothing but fantastic for the boy.  But as much as the school has been great….

So much of it has to do with how hard the parents are willing to work to make the educational experience everything that it could be.  Kim and I work hard for Demetrius, to make sure we communicate with the teachers and give them all the support they need for this child. In return, teachers love to have parents that are involved and willing to do what they can for their kids.  Involvement and caring benefit all involved.  The better the parents, the better the communication, the better the involvement with the school and staff. Everyone wins. 

Demetrius has made progress because we are willing to listen and learn and help however we can (especially Kim).  Great teachers have made all the difference. Everyone working for the little and big things have turned Demetrius (and Maya’s) experience at Abbott’s Hill into a win-win.

No doubt the same for this co-worker’s children. With parents who are willing to make sacrifices, it will be hard for the kids not to succeed.  When I told her those were my thoughts, she smiled. If you don’t have to move in this market, but are willing to so that your kids can be in a great school – then you know what? I bet your kids will be successful anywhere.  Just a sense I get re: parenting approach.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit.  Whether special needs or not, the sacrifices and effort we make for our kids and their education directly impacts their outlook on life – whether that’s getting into Yale or graduating with your class – autistic or aspie. 

Keep up the hardwork parents. We do make a difference….Cuz good Lord, we are going to leave them with a bunch of debt, so we better give them every opportunity to rise above our mistakes.

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