Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Funny Demetrius Story

So on Monday the family was loading up to make the drive back to ATL from LEX, and when we went through our good-byes, I teared up. Good byes are hard, and I miss these guys terribly.  While Maya gave me a big ol’ hug…Demetrius walks by and taps me on the arm:

Demetrius: Don’t be sad Daddy, we are taking Buddy with us.

This made me chuckle, what was going through his mind. Was he misinterpreting what was going on?  Well….as I thought about it, a few minutes before I joked that they better not forget Buddy’s leash (which was on a side table).  So I think he thought I was upset that not only were they not going to forget the leash, they weren’t going to forget the dog.  So I didn’t need to cry about it.

Oh, and I DIDN’T CRY….I just got a tear or two in my eyes….I’m sure from a eye lash or something….

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