Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Creaking and Cracking

So this weekend I wanted to go out for a six miler, but frankly, on Saturday morning, it was too damn cold and windy.

So I went to the gym and did a speed workout on the treadmill.  Well, for me it was a speed workout. For the 20 something next to me, she walking briskly at the same pace.

However, I ignored her, endured, and focused on the end goal.  I was happy with the result (4 miles in 36:29)…and I stumbled off the treadmill.

As I walked toward the spray that gets rid of all the sweat germs at every gym (what, exactly is that spray, and how do we know it works?), I kind of, well, tipped. I didn’t fall, I didn’t stumble, my balance just kind of disappeared for a second…another vertigo attack? Nah, just old age.  Just then my leg kind of popped…twice.  Not the, “OMG! Talke me to the emergency room” kind of pop, more like the, “Hey, you are tipping and I have to get rid of an air pocket in your joint old man!” popl.  I figure this is what happens to an engine of an old car.

Today it did it again. No pain, just popping.  Huh.

So I chip a tooth eating toast, and my leg is popping.  What the hell will sixty be like in 20 years?

Spontaneous combustion?

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