Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love and Marriage

Kim and I have nice conversations sometimes in odd places – like me on the couch sipping a cup of coffee here….she driving (with the Pink Bombshell) to get Demetrius from a sleepover in the drive through lane at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Kim: What’s that donut you love from Dunkin’ Donuts that you always get?

Jerry: The only donut I really like is the apple fritter, but only if they don’t stuff it with apple pie filling

Kim: No, the one you always get. Is it a coffee roll?

Jerry (irritated answer): That’s it, Kim. That’s the one. The one you have gotten me for the last five years when you go to Dunkin’ Donuts. You know, when you ask me, “What do you want?” and I answer, “An apple fritter.” And you come home with a coffee roll, for me. That’s the one that I clearly wanted. Just like in this case, the one that Maya wants is a coffee roll, which I always share, because I don’t like them that much, but she does. But I like an apple fritter, that you can’t seem to understand.

Kim (at the drive through window): Hi, can I get a coffee roll, toasted coconut and a coffee with soy milk….

Do you think she heard me at all?

And when will I actually learn that I like coffee rolls?

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