Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, Jeez You’se Guys

Well, one thing I’ve found out since the relocation to Lexington, it is hard to get there via Delta Airlines.

I’ve had six trips since I’ve begun the new gig – and three of them have been canceled. If anything happens, you just can’t get there.

Today I had a 4:16 flight to Lexington, bounced from that due to some weather, then I’m on an Atlanta to Cincy, Cincy to Lexington flight… then the Cincy flight gets canceled.  Oy!

Now the positive is I get to see more of Kim and the kids.  The negative, we- me and Delta Airlines – have absolutely no idea where my luggage is.  I’m hoping that when I get to Lexington tomorrow, my bag will be there.  They think so – but then again, they can’t get me to Lexington, so I’m not sure we are actually in this together.

Hope my bag is warm enough wherever it is,  probably on its way to Boise, ID.  May be easier to get to then Lexington….

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