Friday, May 29, 2009

Reunited with Broken Glass

Last night I was reunited…and indeed, it felt so good.

So good that we had to stop at Bruesters on the way home so Mommy and Maya could have some ice cream, while D and Daddy enjoyed some sorbet.

We headed back to the Sellers house (where we are staying before we leave for Lexington on Sunday….) when, WHAM! SHATTER! CRASH!

As I was backing the van around in their driveway, I backed right into a cherry blossom.  Cherry blossom 1, Grasso Town & Country van, 0.

The window in the hatch, I swear shattered into 10,000 small pieces of glass.

So I immediately went into ‘think mode’ even though Maya was accusing me of not knowing how to drive and that I should never take the reins, ever, of the Mini-Van when she’s in it.  (Demetrius cared greatly that his toys were okay.)

I called the local Chrysler dealership, a few service shops, a few body part depts – all associated with the dealer, knowing we had to get this done Friday or Saturday at the latest – we are driving to Kentucky on Sunday! (Maybe, unless we couldn’t get the van repaired in time!)

This morning I got back from my run, the phone rang…it was the service dept. of the dealership, “We can’t help, we are closing due to the Chrysler bankruptcy.”


“But I can give you the name and number to a great repair company we sometimes used in the past.”

I needed every lead.  So I called, they had an opening today. They’d call back, it would be about $400. Whew.

So we ran some errands (Demetrius discussed how it was ‘now sunny’ in the back of the van…nice way of putting there isn’t a window behind me anymore…) and while Kim was getting her hair done, the kids and I went and saw ‘Up’ (I recommend it!).  The phone rang about five minutes in, the guy could do it now – but not later this afternoon.

S&*@ again.

“Well, I will just come to you at the movies, I’ll fix it while you are watching it the movie.” The only issue would be if it the van was locked, of course it wasn’t….I drove (I never lock the door).  He found it (how many blue mini-vans with Obama/Biden stickers in the theatre parking lot are missing their back windows?) fixed it and literally as we were walking out after the movie he told he was done.

So we went from S&*@ to amen brother! in about four hours.

After we picked up Mommy, got some lunch and drove back to the house (Mommy was driving), as we were pulling up, Demetrius belts out:

“Mommy, I have a great idea!”

Mommy: what’s that?

Why don’t we park down here (bottom of the sloped drive way) and not up a the top?

Good thinking kid….

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

iPhones And The Final Trip

Read this story on iPhones and autistic kids in USA Today.

Well, I’m at the Lexington airport, taking off in about an hour for Atlanta for the FINAL MOVE!

The movers have about packed up the house, the kids and Kim are moved in at a friend’s house for the next month, and on Sunday we move up, for good, to Lexington.

Now, we don’t take ownership of our house until mid-month at the soonest, so we’ll be in our way little corporate apt., but we’ll have the trip to Disney World to break that up, along with the pool to go swim at.

Not having the fam around has allowed me to dive into the new job, but it’s time, we need to dive into our new life together.  It’s more than time to make this happen.

So the journey is moving from Daddy and the new job to the family and the new expereinces. Phase two officially gets underway very soon….

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

News But Not News

New Thomas Online Game Will Help Autistic Kids Develop Their Social Skills

Flapping…hopping…squealing…pushing the buttons on the video tape player and DVD player over and over….pushing Thomas back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…

When it was worst for us, and hardest for our 2-3 yr. old boy, often the only happy place we all could find was playing with Thomas trains.  Sometimes we’d TV talk together about Thomas, his friends and troublesome trucks.  If he doesn’t have them all, he’s close.  We communicated through Thomas and Friends.  We drove from Irvine to Brea to shop at the Thomas the Tank Engine store…watching him get animated, chatty and excited was what we were chasing.

Somewhere in this span of time we realized something was seriously wrong with D, but we always had Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Henry and James…and wise Toby.

Even today, years later, I can get a sense of a rough day by seeing – among the super hero action figures strewn across the couch, a well worn, paint slightly chipped Thomas train.  It is a comforting feeling, holding Thomas in your hand.

We have 3-4 Thomas’.  You need one in different rooms in the basement, living room, bedroom.  And you’ll search it out when you talk about uncomfortable things, like going to new places or doing new things that make you nervous.

When I think of Demetrius from 2 to 9 years old, I think of Thomas, Woody from Toy Story, Spiderman and Batman.  But I truly see Demetrius and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Where am I going with this?  Is this story any surprise?  All little boys love Thomas – but I darn well know that autistic boys love him just a little bit more…. and don’t seem to outgrow him.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Couple Of Demetrius Funnies For A Monday

1 – Demetrius cut his own hair, told me his mother likes it.  Mommy: No I do not.  Now you will need a hair cut that would be fit for a refugee.  How short did he go?  And how much gum did he have in his hair?

2 – Kim asked each of the kids to pack some clothes for the few weeks we’ll be in the corporate apt. and the rest of our stuff is in storage.  Demetrius packed one pair of PJs, a tee shirt and a pair of shorts.  The rest of the bag is filled with toys and comic books.  Kim asked Demetrius if he needed more clothes: “I’ll be fine, Mommy.”  Underwear? “No, I’m fine…..”

She was asking the wrong question – would he need a bathing suit?  That would get a certain answer?


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Now this is a horse I can get behind….

Read here about it’s 30-1 odds to win!
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Timing is Pretty Good

It has been more than well documented that Demetrius shares my love of super heroes.  While he likes Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the Hulk….he picked a Green Lantern costume for Halloween last year.  I searched high and low online for a ‘power ring’ he could wear with his costume, but didn’t manage to find one.

Two months later, I move up to Kentucky.  I certainly miss the little Lantern.  However, this movie is coming out this summer:

Looks like we’ll have some male bonding to do!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Demetrius Modeling

Demetrius On The New Couch, By The New Coffee Table, Above The New Rug….

Man, he’s a cute kid (and getting tall)!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Few Stories To Read

Washington Post piece about a memoir of two brothers…

Did you like Borat? Are you going to see Bruno?  Well, seriously, this is the dude’s cuz….

Why do I feel like I’m losing this battle against her being the primary spokesperson for the cause?

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Birthday Parties and Sleepovers

I know that the family would have been  happy to have me home this weekend…but I also know they all are loaded with plans and activities around birthday parties and sleepovers and other ‘about to move’ agenda items that I would have gotten in the way of.  No, not a pity party statement, just a realization that these things need to happen.

While I still want to physically say good-bye to as many folks as possible next weekend before we load up the van and head out, I’ve, in essence, all ready said mine since I’ve been up here the last six months.  How could I not have moved on.  While I’ve not integrated into the house, neighborhood, etc..I’ve a small network I hang out with on weekends, and I have a few haunts that I attend to semi-regularly.

Kim and the kids still have this whole exercise to go through, and much of it has to do with final sleepovers and the like.  It needs to happen on their terms, I would just get in the way, to an extent.  What I mean to say is closure needs to happen naturally, and my being there is a bit pre-mature at one end of the spectrum.  The other end is that when I show up next Thursday and the movers are loading the van – it is final, no doubt.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Genetic Clue to Why Autism Affects Boys More

A couple of stories in Time worth reading. The first one here is the same as the title above.

This is a great one to read during vacation season. Pinning Identification and up to date photos make sense, and we won’t have to wait in too long of lines at DisneyWorld it looks like….

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