Thursday, July 30, 2009

Proof I love my wife

The Kentucky Theatre has some great old movies that they show on Wednesday nights during the summer. I took Kim last night, and I knew it would be painful (I think Ron Burgendy, Anchorman is a great flick). How? Because it would be the original King and I.  Musicals.  Nice.  Oh well, maybe it will be a bonding moment for the two of us….

Who the hell am I kidding, this will be 2.5 painful hours of my life I won’t get back watching Yul Brenner play a Southeast Asian, poorly, might I add.  This is the equivalent of Demetrius having to eat lunch at the American Girl store bistro.

So we get in line, and it does get worse. The print of the King and I is bad…so they are substituting it with…Oklahoma!

The one redeeming aspect of this movie, the single redeeming feature, is to watch Rod Steiger try to sing and dance. What made him do this movie!?!  I focused on that.

That and Shirley Jones was kinda hot back in the day.

But after a short period of time you move past that, and start to think (inner dialogue below)  things like:

“Is my Camel smoking grandfather on my mom’s side turning over in his coffin?”

“I think I’ve seen this before…oh that’s right, when I had chicken pox my mom watched this one night and because I itched and couldn’t sleep I watched it with her….”

“Singing cowboys in satin shirts named Curly? Got it! So the remake of this movie today is Brokeback Mountain!”

“I bet I could eat two whole buckets of popcorn, sitting through these songs, I deserve it.”

“Should Rod Steiger be doing interpretitive dance?”

“What the hell is interpretitive dance, and is this it, or am I just guessing?”

“The guy in front of me is singing along. I bet he is an ‘arts’ professer at the university.  I bet that this isn’t his wife next to him.”

Other less bloggable thoughts entered my mind too….

Oh, and the worst part, I couldn’t get to sleep!  The singing was too loud and pitched and the old seats were uncomfortable….damn old theatre!

Think I’m exaggerating? Then share my pain:

Oklahoma! Near the end….thank God!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Some Summertime Photos


Driving up to Lexington, we stopped at a McDonalds and Demetrius showed another diner the ‘right way’ to play the video game


Once in town, the kids and Kim got to know Lexington.  The kids love this butterfly bench outside of our new favorite bookstore, Joseph Beth


Maya on a horse at the Lexington Children’s Museum


Demetrius on a horse at the Lexington Childrens Museum


Demetrius at Gulf Shores/Martinique, AL

Demetrius, Grandpa, Maya and Aunt Francine playing minature golf, Gulf Shores, AL

Demetrius, Grandpa, Maya and Aunt Francine playing minature golf, Gulf Shores, AL

Demetrius racing go karts in Gulf Shores, AL

Demetrius racing go karts in Gulf Shores, AL

Maya racing go-karts in Gulf Shores, AL

Maya racing go-karts in Gulf Shores, AL

Maya, future Conde Nast model, Gulf Shores, AL

Maya, future Conde Nast model, Gulf Shores, AL

Demetrius, Emily Sellers, Maya, Anna Sellers, Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Demetrius, Emily Sellers, Maya, Anna Sellers, Horse Park, Lexington, KY

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Outsmarted Again

Lets see – password set to keep D from endlessly watching movies on the DVD player, check.

Password set to lock the inputs, so Demetrius cannot change the TV to DVD player input, check.

Password set to lock the children’s stations he likes to watch (Cartoon Network, Nick, Disney, ABC Family), check.

Password set to keep from turning on the cable box on his own (just in case there is a movie on another station he would want to watch…), check.

Password set to keep Demetrius from ordering Insight On Demand movies….


Saturday Demetrius ordered $37 worth of movies to watch. Ice Age, Ice Age 2, a number of SpongeBob and MightyB episodes….

He’s always one step ahead of me, isn’t he?

He’s gamed the password protection system, founds a small hole and drove a $37 truck through it.

Best Buy/Geeks Squad – if you want a password system cracker on your payroll. Hire my son.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few days

I took a few days off this week, which was nice.  While I really would have liked to go to the beach, there is something nice about staying home too… but it ain’t the same as the beach. :-)

But what was really nice thing to have some friends show up from Atlanta, the Sellers.  Emily, Emily, Emily!  Maya has been in need of ‘girl social hour’ and she’s going to get it for three/four days in a row.  Right now the girls are dressed up, running inside/outside, and have worn Demetrius out (note — it is actually double girl power, as Emily’s older sister Anna is here too).

While we get focused on the new house, the job, which elementary school we are going to, etc… we forget how simple it is for kids, they get lonely.  Period.  They don’t care about where the credenza goes, or if the fence needs to be power washed.  They care if they have someone to play with, if they are making friends, if they are having fun.

And you can go to Disney World and you can go to the beach, but that’s family and good time.  But the wee-ones need friends.  And having Emily here is a reminder of the social structure and good friends we have in Atlanta.

When they leave on Monday, it is going to be tough.  But today is a good day and we are dressed up and negotiating who gets to be ‘Princess Amadala’ right now.

A few days of friends and fun.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Maya and Demetrius Arguing About Disney Movies in a Disney Movie

A movie I wanted to take the kids to see (and see myself on the big screen) was Disney’s Earth.  We were lucky it was at the dollar theatre, and since I took the day off (good quality family day, might I add), we decided to go.

Demetrius thought this was going to be painful, Maya was willing to give it a shot. Demetrius came for the popcorn, but not much more.

But once it started, he really got it into it.  What was funny is when the fox started chasing the caribou Demetrius says, “the fox can’t do that (it was actually a wolf), he’s a good guy.” I asked him why he thought that was the case, he said that in cartoons the fox is a good guy. Interesting. Maya leans across and says at the top of her lungs, “That’s wrong Demetrius, the fox is bad!”  Now I assume it is because she’s not thinking of movies, she’s seeing what is happening on the screen, so I am about to tell her that this isn’t bad, it is looking for food….when she says to Demetrius….

“The fox is bad, Peter has to kill it in Narnia because it was trying to eat Lucy, D!”

Wow, I was again about to say something when Demetrus says to Maya, “Oh, you are right, it is bad then.  Peter killed it and then had to wipe his sword.”

Five minutes later there is scene of lions drinking water on the steppe in Africa.  Both say at the same time, “Aslan!”

I’m trying to get them to watch a movie about real animals in nature, and this is where we land as we chat through the movie.

Oh well, I liked it.  I would have been confused if Aslan started talking, I mean, if the lion started talking like Aslan, I mean…sigh.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Grandparent Detox

So I’m sitting here at work, taking a lunch break and I turn and take a call on my mobile phone – and I see Demetrius’ Nintendo DS sitting next to it on my desk.
Ah, let the grandparent detox begin.
Nothing against the wonderful two sets my children have, but like all children that spend time with their grandparents – they become a bit spoiled and try to apply that grandchild magic to their parents.  It doesn’t work that way in life, so as I’ve seen it with my children, they get a bit fussy, and ultimately, in a bit of trouble…example:

Demetrius decides that he wants to stay up late and play his DS, like vacation, he is told no, it is time for bed.  Frustration sets in.  He argues a bit with his mom. She tells him no, it is time to read (bad enough he had to put his DS up, but to follow up with a request to read…the humanity!).

Demetrius states:


Ta-da!  The DS is at the office with me for the day.  Tears ensue, I’m sorry statements professed, love and cuddles traded…but the DS remains taken away.  Pouting starts.

Ah, grandparent detox, the skills don’t work as well on Mom and Dad.  Now, lets be sure to be honest here, Kim is a sucker for her boy and Maya’s got me wrapped around her littlest finger, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

It is funny, I remember distinctly as a child not wanting my grandparents to leave, or to leave my grandparents, mostly what I remember along with that sentimental feeling…is one of dread. I knew I was in for it for eating M&Ms for breakfast, talking back, or not doing what I was told, because with Grandma D I could get away with it.  Oops. She’s leaving in two days. That means I better get away with whatever I can, because on the third day, I’m in for it.

Ah, Grandparents detox.

I haven’t had to apply the formula to Maya, yet…but I bet it will need to be done in the next couple of days.

She got a new baby doll and new clothes, so it is just a matter of time.

Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Because if  you grandparents don’t think you are perfect in every way possible, and that your parents are too strict and wound up with the kids, who will?

So I guess, at the end of it, grandparent detox is a good thing on many levels…except for Demetrius and his DS at this time. :-)

They all look so innocent in this photo, don't then?

They all look so innocent in this photo, don't then?

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Friday, July 17, 2009

If they open a Lexington-based video game testing division, Demetrius is a shoo-in!

Read this story from the BBC.

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If they open a Lexington-based video game testing division, Demetrius is a shoo-in!

Read this story from the BBC:

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The Office

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days. I’ve been pouting.  See, I was hoping to go to the beach with the family, didn’t work out. So I’ve been pouting. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you think they will, but you gotta try. They are getting tan and then sunburned, I’m not. Thus, the pouting.

Anyway, lets move on.  Grandpa called me from the beach house (I posted a picture the other day), and Demetrius was up the crows nest — his office. Grandpa went up and asked Demetrius what he was doing – working was the answer.  He wants to work in a home office like at the beach, and in an office at Lexmark, next to his dad. That would be fun.

What would he do at the office? Watch movies of course, which is, apparently, what I do all day.

I told Demetrius that there are jobs in California where he could get paid all day to watch movies.  Really, he asked?  Yep I said.

I need to quit my job at Lexmark, you know why?  Demetrius thinks I should get a better one in California watching movies. He’d like that.

Now, I ask, who wouldn’t like that?  We could then be in offices next to each other….watching movies all day. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey you, I don’t know you, but come over here and pet me!

While Kim and the kids are ‘beachin’ it’, we are having some work done on Casa Grasso.  Right now the painters are slapping up a color on the wall that I can’t explain any way except, ‘light beige’ and that Kim really likes…but it doesn’t look much different to me than what we previously had up there.
Anyways, getting beyond my Granimals color wheel recognition skills….
I got home and was chatting with the painter and his wife.  He was huge, probably six foot three/four, his wife was easily six foot herself, and two tall skinny other painters.  Nice folks. They walked me around and showed me what they had done downstairs and upstairs, and what they had left to do.  As I peered down the hall, I saw Buddy’s head thrown over the back of the sectional sofa. He was out cold. Sleeping hard (evening nap, it was going on 7pm).

Me: Was he any trouble? Sorry, I forgot to put him in the basement before I left this morning.

Big Painting Dude: Not at all.  He is very friendly, and he actually followed us around, licking our hands to get us to pet him.  He really likes that couch. So we would walk over, let him out for a little bit. He’d come back in, sit on the couch. We’d pet him for a few minutes and he’d fall asleep.

Me: All of you?

Big Painting Dude: We took turns.

Big Painting Dude: Also, this way he wouldn’t rub against the wall and get paint on his coat.

Me: I’m sorry.  You could have put him in the basement or out in the backyard.

Big Painting Dude’s Wife: He’s too sweet to do that!  He just looks at you with those eyes!

Roll forward half-an-hour and we are out on a walk.  Across the street is a Garfield like cat lounging in its front yard.  Buddy’s ears perk up, his coat goes up on is back, he starts prancing…like he wants a piece of this cat.

Me, talking to Buddy…in public: Who are you kidding?!?  Two weeks ago you got your ass kicked by the neighbor dog without a fight and today you lounged around the house with the painters.  She called you ‘sweet’. Especially when you lick her hand to get petted.  Get over showing off about the cat, Buddy.

There. Told him.

He gave me sad eyes after I fussed.  We stopped on the sidewalk and I rubbed his belly for a minute.

I love that damn whimpy dog.

Am I really wrong about Buddy? You decide, just take a look at this random assortment of photos….

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