Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better At PR Than Me

Another week, another house full of estrogen. This weekend we host Kim’s mom, sister, niece and sister-in-law. Demetrius is, once again, significantly outnumbered.

We were asking the boy today (Kim and I) about his new doctor, if he was ‘old’. Demetrius agreed he was.

Kim’s niece, Hannah, asked Demetrius how old he thought Aunt Rachel (Kim’s sister) was, Demetrius’ answer? “Sixty”

Hannah then got really brave: “How old is Nanny Joan?”

I told Demetrius his booty from Target may be on the line if he answers poorly (they are going tomorrow with Nanny Joan), all joking aside..he better answer correctly…

His answer?

“Nanny Joan is old enough.”

Well done lad, well done…..

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