Thursday, August 6, 2009

School Starts When?

There was that bad movie a few years ago, well, more than a few years ago called One Crazy Summer.

Well, we knew that would be the case this summer, but still, I couldn’t believe that on Monday that school starts for the kids next Wednesday.

Lets see, the last week of May, moved from ATL to KY.

Second week of June we went to DisneyWorld.

Following weekend we moved into the new house here in Lexington.

The following weekend we had workers in the house.

The next weekend, my inlaws came.

Weekend off.

The following week Kim and the kids went to the beach.

The following weekend our friends the Sellers came up from ATL.

This past weekend members of my wife’s family came.

Lets see – yep, that’s summer.  Next up – my folks over Labor Day weekend.

Our new carpet is definitely getting some traffic!

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One Response to “School Starts When?”

  1. uncle jimmy says:

    first of all how can you call One Crazy Summer a bad movie. That
    movie is a classic, up there with Better Off Dead and Real Genius.

    Summer is over for Aunt Francine starting today. She is back at
    school and the kids come next week. She probably sounded like
    D and Maya last night. Summer is over already? It just started
    I’m not ready to go back yet!