Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe A Trip to Cincy Ain’t So Bad….

Looks Like A Nice Enough Town, Unless You Have To Go Play Soccer There!

Looks Like A Nice Enough Town, Unless You Have To Go Play Soccer There!

I’ve tried to remember the good advice my father once gave me that my children’s worries are as important to them as mine are to me.  This way I’m neither patronizing nor disengaged…my only real wish is that the boy could better communicate his concerns and worries on an ongoing basis.
But we get by on what we have, which is often less of a discussion than an eruption (as I am sure each of you have with your children?!?) when we decide we don’t like something and need to let Kim and I know the level of displeasure.

As you know, Demetrius isn’t really keen on playing soccer and when we told him he has a soccer tournament in Cincinnati in a couple of weeks he belts, “I Hate Soccer!  I Hate Cincinnati!”

Kim and I kinda predicted this would happen, so we pull out our Ace of Spades and throw it right down on the table, only after playing a little cat-and-mouse.

Daddy: “Demetrius, what do you know about Cincinnati?”

Demetrius: “I hate it!”

I explained to him that it wasn’t a thing or person, but a town, but this made him even angrier.

Demetrius: “I don’t want to go there, it will hurt my brain!”

Daddy: “Okay, but we won’t stay at the Embassy Suites afterwards if we don’t go to Cincinnati.”


Maya: “Do they have an indoor pool?”

Daddy: “Yes.”

Demetrius: “Do they have a game room?”

Daddy: “Yes.”

Maya: “Do they have free Sprite?”

Daddy: “Yes.”

Maya: “And we get to sleep on a pullout couch?”

Daddy: “Yes.”

Maya gets up and does a jig.  Demetrius still ponders, but isn’t really worked up any more.

Demetrius: “Does the room have a DVD player?”

Daddy: (I spin an answer, quickly) “Probably not, but they’ll have Cable or On Demand, I’m sure.”

Sold!  Both soccer and Cincinnati received the Demetrius and Maya stamps of approval!

Well, Cincinnati does, soccer is still up for consideration….

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