Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today’s Autism News

Well, this didn’t affect us while we were pregnant with D, but did it affect any of you?

ABC special on Autism with some celebs here – they are better than Jenny McCarthy!  What is a bit creepy is that the ad you have to watch is for Britney Spears new world tour.  A little too sex kittenish for a lead into a discussion about kids with autism.

Of course we have to study brain waves, are any of us surprised they are different for auties? Click here to read the story.

Forbes picked up a story on the cost of health needs for auties and aspies on parents – and how often they are going unmet.  This we knew. But from an awareness point-of-view, I’m glad Forbes ran the piece.

Hey you dads of auties and aspies, you might want to weigh in here. I have this blog to vent a bit, how about you?

Timing is everything. We are talking about first going dairy free with D, and then after that gluten free.  Hype or help?  What says you?

I’m not a fan of the Huffington Post, but you may be.  This is an interesting post about tools for communicating and one of my worst fears, teasing and the inability to react appropriately.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Autism News

I’m going to watch what my numbers are for this posting to make the call on whether or not to continue doing this:

Here’s a bit of further kudos for Ernie Els going public with his son’s autism.

Autistic numbers jumped through the roof in the State of Oregon, according to this AP piece.  I gotta believe it is due to better analysis by doctors, therapists, etc…

I’m no horse racing fan, but at the bottom of this page, Autism Awareness paid out big….

Here is a Salon piece stating that the Poling case does not prove a link between vaccines and autism.

Comedy Central is doing the PR push around their autism benefit…

Mice are still being sent to college…
now to find out more about autism? I wonder what a mouse stims about….cheese, maybe?

Great, I’m just so glad that Jenny McCarthy continues to become the voice of my son’s disability.  She’s calling for the resignation of the director of the CDC.  Look lady, I’m as sorry as the next joe that your kid’s autistic.  But really, I don’t really think a Playboy centerfold, B-Movie actress is the type of spokesperson that I want asking for the head of the CDC to step down.  I’m glad you made some dough and got some pubicity from the book…please step down, okay?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Autism News

As I mentioned earlier, this is a new feature I’d like to try out in one of my weekly postings. Let me know if you like or dislike. I’m not sold on it either way at this point.

Autism is now in the news cycle for this year’s presidential election. See here for a bit from the Republican front-runner, John McCain.

You know, this is one of those ‘duh’ moments. I’ve not seen a news story that tries to explain in laymans terms the difference between auties and aspies, but it seems there should have been one I would have seen previously. Here you go with at least this doctor’s attempt.

The Autism Society of America is hitting the road and heading up to Washington DC for a couple of days of lobbying. Find out more here.

Confused about vaccine discussions?’s autism blog tackles it today. Click here.

Barnes & Noble
and Autism Speaks are teaming up to do some storytime events at local stores in some markets across the country. Click here to see if there is one in an area by you.

Hmmm – worried about your autistic kid’s sibling(s)? Read this at Medical News Today. It is something to mull over.

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