Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh My, What Did I Miss Last Weekend at Sweet and Sassy

Yes, I missed her party, but man – aren’t these pictures a hoot of her and her friends getting all dolled up….

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grrrrr, Ugh, and Tears

So its no secret that today’s Maya’s birthday, and no secret to the readers of this blog that she’s the apple of my eye.

So I had a 5:50pm flight out of Lexington to Atlanta on Delta.  When I got to Bluegrass Airport, I got my ticket and headed for security.  When I looked at my ticket, I saw they had me on the 6:45pm.  I headed back for ticketing…

Delta agent: Sorry, the flight’s been delayed. It is leaving at 6:45pm

I call Kim, we adapt the picking up Jerry plan.  A friend is going to watch the girls (Maya is having friends spend the night) and Kim will get me at the MARTA station a little later.

By the time I get to the gate, the flight has been delayed until about 8:45 – 9pm.  Crap.  It is alot to ask a friend to get me at the MARTA at midnight…due to the fact that Kim can’t ask someone else to watch the kids at midnight (makes sense to me, what kind of spending the night host would do that?).

They call us back to the ticket counter – flights are canceled until tomorrow morning. By the time I do the math, I won’t be back in time for Maya’s birthday party, which is at 10:30am in Cumming.  Crap. Crap. Crap.

I get on the phone with Kim.  Do I drive the six hours back to Atlanta?  We decide no.  It took me even longer than that when I drove up last weekend and it wasn’t going into the middle of the night.  Further, I’d have to leave at about 10:00am on Sunday to get back here – not much of a trip back we decided. 

Fly out of Louisville’s airport?  I don’t even know how to get to Louisville, nor what side of the city the airport’s on, and there doesn’t seem to be an opening on any flights….

So the decision?  To come back next weekend.

The phone rings.  It is an automated Delta call telling me that my flight that was supposed to leave at 5:50 is delayed (it’s canceled)….after I’m at the ticket counter rebooking for next weekend.  Aren’t these systems supposed to call well before, not after the flight is supposed to leave?  So now I’m a little hot.

So Kim puts Maya on the phone and we tell her I can’t come home.  I put the phone up to the ticket counter agents. They can hear ‘it’ from Maya.  They rebook me for next weekend.  It is at this moment that I find out from the ticket agent that the original flight had been grounded with mechanical problems since 2:15pm.

So I could have made the 3:30pm if I had gotten a call (office is not far from the airport…)? 

Delta – it would do you wise to remember that while you worry about schedules and delays…that we, the people, have reasons to get to where we are going. Loved ones and ‘human’ events that matter. Not all of us are business traveling all the time. Just give us a call and let us know – not after the original flight was supposed to leave and we’re scrambling.  Give us a call so we can adapt and try to get where we need to go with some sanity. 

Grrr…ugh….and a few tears.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

This Year And Last….Sappy Daddy

Last year I stayed up this night blowing 100 pink balloons with the number six on them while Maya slept.  When she got up she was so surprised and so happy. I’ll never forget the look on her face at that moment.

This year, I’m sitting and blogging in a corporate apartment.

Yup, I’m on a flight home tomorrow afternoon so I can be there for her slumber party and birthday party.

But still….I’m mopey because I’m not there right now.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Videos From Maya’s Birthday Party At Nonni & Grandpa’s House

That is one serious cake….

I’m sorry my singing is so bad….

D’s eating as fast as possible so he doesn’t he can get back to his computer game…

Maya’s turning into a skater girl!

You have to listen to Demetrius here, he’s a hoot. Totally autistic moment, but still kinda funny (unless you are family, you may not want to watch the whole five minutes plus)

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Birthday Boy…But Carrie Bradshaw Comes First

Tomorrow its the big 39. I don’t feel 39. Except at, like, 10:30pm at night (both nights of the year I’m up that late). For some reason my ankles and lower back just start aching at that hour, and my response time drops very quickly.

But other than that I’m still the same guy I was 15 years ago. :-)

So what, you ask, what am I doing for my 39th birthday? I like to say I’m getting ‘in touch with reality.’

Kim has a friend from college (one of her bestest friends, as Maya would say) who lives in Denver is flying in with her five year old son. I’ll be watching Charlie (the child’s name) and my two while Kim and her friend go out to see Sex And The City.

You know, they haven’t seen each other, “In, like, forever…” and I have a birthday every year.

I like to keep it real.

I think we’ll go swimming, and then we’ll grab some food somewhere. Maybe pizza for the kids.

Can’t be too late though – I don’t eat cheese any more and spicy red sauce I can’t take after about 8pm or it gives me too much hearburn.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday and Weekend Stuff/Thoughts

What a weekend – birthday gifts galore, a party and a sleepover.  And if that wasn’t enough, we spent Super Bowl Sunday over at Joseph’s house exploring his backyard.  Once this grew old, Demetrius explored Joseph’s VCR and watched old Disney movies.  A great weekend for the boy!

All that said, you would have thought him to be worn out at 8ish last night…but no, he was still up and not willing to go to bed until about 9:30pm.  This lack of wanting to go to bed at his designated ‘bed time’ is wearing on his mom and me – as he wants to lay and bed and chat…where is our free time at night going?  Kim and I need the kids to go back to school just so we can catch a break.

A few months ago I posted a blog about a Mom who passed away, a French woman named Paulina, who was very sweet and understanding with Demetrius.  Well, her daughter, Loundra, has been in Demetrius’ class the past two years and she rode over with us to his birthday party.  On the way she chatted up Maya about losing baby teeth and she knows exactly how to handle the boy – she’s sandwiched between an older and younger brother, so she’s got the appropriate skills.  

Today she is coming over to play for the afternoon after school and I’m interested to see how that goes.  I was noticing that she took a shine to Kim, she helped Kim unpack and pack up at the party and didn’t want to go home (she kept asking if she could come over and play… we needed the break and Kim negotiated this afternoon’s play date, first with her, and then her father).  But that attention to Kim and what she was doing… it only makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  I think it would be great if ‘we’ got to be better friends with this little girl.  Like I said, she knows how to knock about with the boys and this means this ‘tom-boy’ streak aligns her with Maya.  Both have that cute little girl quality where they flirt a bit before they beat the crap out of the little boys who get in their way.

Initially we were going to have three boys for the sleepover, then two, but only one made it through the night (the other went home 9-ish – not uncommon among the wee-ones), Also, one was also autistic while the other was neuro-typical.  While having two high functioning autistics in the house, I thought, could and would be a bit daunting (a lot of repeating, unspoken rules…and of course, TV talk, bouncing and squealing while watching SpongeBob, etc…), I did observe that in many cases there was absolutely no difference among these 7-8 year olds… at least in front of the TV on a Saturday night. None of them listen (they all become deaf when adults speak) when the TV is on, they all completely make messes when they eat cupcakes, and washing up afterwards is a somewhat optional experience.  In fact, I’m pretty sure Kim and I repeated ourselves more often then the two autistic boys repeated things or ‘suggested’ what it was they needed/wanted.

I had a bit of concern how it would go for the neuro-typical, as he knows Demetrius well but not the other boy…don’t get me wrong, I assume he’ll mind his manners and behave, but I wondered if it would be, well, odd for him?  Refreshingly, nothing at all along these lines popped up from what I could observe.  In fact, the two ‘talked’ a lot about NASCAR, which they both share a passion.  Funny, Demetrius at times was the odd boy out when discussing Jeff Gordon and other drivers whose names I now have forgotten (Demetrius has absolutely no interest in anything sports related).  So when the mom came to pick up the one little boy, they had one last conversation about…well, their favorite races and the upcoming Daytona 500.

That was nice to watch happen.  Maybe that’s an unexpected ‘gift’ of sorts… of acceptance and normality among two very different little boys?  I think I’m just realizing this as I type these words…. maybe my concern and nervous energy about the sleepover and the autistic/neuro-typical is a bit misplaced? Hmmmm………

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Exit Stage Right….

I’m not sure this is Snagglepuss or Demetrius at this point.

Tomorrow is Maya’s birthday party…I am approximating ‘ump’teen’ girls to be present and accounted for.  Three are staying the night.

Demetrius’ friend, Joseph, is coming to the party…and Demetrius will be ‘exiting, stage right’ with Joseph for a sleep over at his house….really, it is for his own safety and good.  His ears can only take a certain amount of piercing shrieks of little girls giggling and playing in the basement.

Maya is thrilled that her friends are staying over, that she is queen (yet again) for another day and that she is going to get to go out for pizza and watch ‘Christmas movies’.  Demetrius has this in mind also, for when he’s at Joseph’s house.  Different houses – same goals. Pizza and gorging out on the season’s best Rankin/Bass shows.

Maya has also put in a special order for Daddy to, ‘get up real early and go get us (girls) donuts.’

Think I can join Demetrius at Joseph’s house? ;-)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Birthday Balloon Moments

Well thank goodness for Tuesday nights on TBS! It took me just about 3 hours (4 Family Guys and 2 The Offices) to blow up 100 pink balloons and write a number six on each of them. But when I was done….

I had to be very, very quiet putting these balloons in her room last night without waking her up….

When I got her up this morning, she wasn’t sure what to do, or what had happened to the floor of her room!

She had trouble walking around her room and told me it was hard to leave to go pee!

Demetrius then came running down the hall, and came into her room, and just stood and stared at the floor. He didn’t say anything except, “Did Santa Claus do this?”

Moments later the waking up wore off and the birthday energy kicked in….and her brother laid down and covered himself up in balloons. Sensory input heaven, methinks…..

One member of the brood wasn’t happy. Buddy was scared to death of all the balloons and just stood at the door and whined….

Maya, aka Puddin’, Papaya, Pink Bombshell, Love Bug, Rockstar…. I hope today is one special day for you, I cannot believe you are six years old today!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What Kid Wouldn’t Want To Be Maya Grasso, Really?

Today is 12/4. That means tomorrow is 12/5. Why is 12/5 important? It’s Maya’s 6th birthday!

Maya birthday celebration schedule:

  • Maya has had a birthday party at Nonni Cheryl and Grandpa’s house over Thanksgiving
  • Maya will have an actual birthday tomorrow
  • Maya will be having girlfriends spend the night (party) on Saturday here in GA
  • Maya will have a birthday party later in the month when she gets to her Nanny and Poppy’s house in Kansas.

It is very good to be Maya when it comes to the month of December. She really rakes it in.

Tonight, when she goes to sleep I’m going to blow up about 100 pink balloons to put out all over the floor of her room, all with the number six on them. Goofy? Absolutely. Proof that she’s got me wrapped? Absolutely. A birthday gift unlike any other?

Hopefully, pictures of her getting up and seeing this tomorrow morning. Ciao till then….

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