Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Zoey comments on

Here’s a hyperlink to what I blogged about earlier. And just like Brittany news, this is the top news  on the Web right now…Sigh…..
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Grandpa and Zoey 101

Grandpa had eye surgery on Monday. He’s doing great – recovering spectacularly I hear and somehow he’s managed to garner 20/20 vision out of the deal. Probably well worth a $15 copay.

That said we gave him a call last night. Both kids did the customary Hi, How are you, How is your eye, I love you, bye….conversation on the phone. I kind of half-hearted fussed at them about it, but kids and the phone never mix well.

This morning, Demetrius asked me if Grandpa was better today before he sauntered off to school (between barely eating of the breakfast and the brushing of the teeth). I said I didn’t know, but I bet he is.

Demetrius: That’s good. I can still get my presents.

Somehow he’s connected his presents to Grandpa’s eye surgery. Whew, glad it went well for Grandpa!

Do you think that he’ll get more presents now that Grandpa’s vision is better?


So we don’t watch alot of Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon, its a few years above Maya (I think) and she, as every other elementary girl at Abbotts Hill, is a big fan of Hannah Montana (Disney). That said, I heard on the news this morning that the star of the show has publicly announced at the age of 16 she’s preggers. Now, should anyone be shocked…I mean, teen stars live in another world…even one more upside-down than grown up stars. Then, they drop she’s Brittany Spears little sister…and when she told Brittany, that the paparazzi have pictures of Brittany chasing her out of her house with an umbrella. I’m not surprised. But my thought here is, PR wise, aren’t you risking this media circus when your star on the show is from a completely whacko celebrity family? The negative PR fallout from a somewhat popular show is 10x worse than it ever should have been – because you should have probably not hired the kid. She’s under a scrutiny/media watch than no other kid on your network is under on any given day…even the great SpongeBob!

So how does this tie to this blog?…Well, ultimately because my daughter is moving into a very impressionable age here, where what she watches is as important becuase she likes it as because other girls at school like it, and this is my first taste of ….will I have to explain something to her I don’t want to at the tender age of six (mind you, only ten years younger than Zoey… and child!)? And I don’t think she’s quite big enough to understand that Zoey is a TV celeb, and they don’t live in the real world…and that she’s even one step more removed being related to Brittany Spears…..

Parenting in this case, if I have to explain some things, may be harder than talking with one of Demetrius’ therapists….

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aye Aye Lemur…. Aye Carumba

Last night Mommy had a meeting so the kiddos and I did some homework (worked on tying our shoes – pure pain, almost as bad as being stretched across the rack or forced to lie on a bed of nails), read some books, and watched some TV. Demetrius got a Justice League movie from the library, so we HAD to watch that….Maya wanted to watch some Animal Planet….accompanied by Demetrius’ constant whining (he wanted to watch some Nickelodeon, he was overruled).

One of the segments on Animal Planet was on the Aye Aye Lemur in Madagascar. Fascinating. Big ears that have really good hearing (like a bat), super strong teeth to tear through wood on a tree, and this long middle finger to tap on the wood of a tree to find a pocket where a grub or bug is…then once it bites open the hole in the tree, shoves that long, stick-like finger down the pocket to grab the bug. Of course, it is endangered and considered to be bad luck if ever seen by a local, and has to be killed up on sight. So it kinda has that voodoo, ju-ju evil aspect to it.

So, as the kids shower, Maya screams to me…

Maya: DADDY!

Daddy: What!?! What is wrong?


I tell her it lives on the other side of the world, it is more scared of people than we are of it, and it only comes out at night (I’m only guessing it is nocturnal since it was night during its profile on the TV). I also give the daddy speech about if a show is scaring you, you need to tell me and we’ll turn it off….no matter how much your brother moans about us watching Nickelodeon instead! ☺

At the same time this conversation is going on I hear tap, tap, tap….

Daddy: Demetrius, what are you doing?

Demetrius: Looking for bugs in the wall with my fingers.


So, I have one that clearly loved the animal enough to look for bugs in the wall, one scared out of her wits….and a Daddy that is thinking that maybe he should give both kids Dramamine and put them to bed.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, Maya was assuaged about her safety enough to go to bed…but, of course, she joined us at 3:30am after having bad dreams that bears were going to get her (after the lemur issue…bears? Wait, we read a story that had bears in it before bed…I give up). Demetrius got up twice out of bed and tapped on the walls, once again putting the spook on his sister. I made sure there were no hammers anywhere within Demetrius grabbing distance after they both finally gave it up and fell asleep. I just hired a contractor to tidy up the front of the house…I don’t need a dry wall specialist to come in to replaster where holes are from looking for bugs.

Who knew educational TV could be such a pain in the keister? Nickelodeon it is, next time around….

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transformers, Being Blonde and Ding Dongs

Mommy had some friends over last night, so we went out to see the Transformers movie…now before you get on me about only writing about ‘boy movies’ and such, let me just clearly state that we watch more than our fair share of ‘Drake and Josh’ because Maya has a crush on Drake (she doesn’t know that yet…she just knows she really, really likes him) and we own Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Mulan…and we see movies she likes…but with all the advertising of this flick they do on Nickelodeon, well, she was hyped to see it too.

I’m no professional movie reviewer, but we’ve been excited to see the big three this summer (too little for Harry Potter, so we scratch that off the list) and D loved all three, but I’m a bit surprised that I liked Transformers the best. I’d see it again at the movies: it’s a bit loud and a tad too long, but very enjoyable.  I’m not sure I’d pay $7 to see Spider Man 3 or the Fantastic Four again…but this one was just fun.  It certainly didn’t take itself too seriously.

Maya liked it to.  Here are her comments:

1 – Maya would like a car that turns into a robot. But she would like her car not to be yellow
2 – She sure thought that the girl in the movie was pretty, and she even had black hair too (this makes me wonder if she is recognizing the value/benefits of being blonde at the age of five?)
3 – She would like to change Buddy’s name to Mojo (name of the pet dog in the movie)
4 – We need a fountain in our backyard
5 – What is a Ding Dong? When it was explained to her that it is a small, round chocolate cake with chocolate icing and cream in the middle, she wanted to try one. She told me to go get one for her at the ‘front of the movies where they make the popcorn.’  

We all watch these movies and see different things.  As you can tell here, Maya has no problem asking questions and talking during the movie either. Since there were only about seven folks in the theatre, not a problem answering her questions.  Demetrius? Didn’t say boo in the movies except that he wanted more popcorn.  Cars turning into talking robots…. c’mon, do we even know that our sister is sitting two seats down from us? Do we care?  Demetrius wants to change into a robot post movie; Maya wants chocolate covered Hostess cake products.

It was a winner of a movie and evening.

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