Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Stuff

As we move closer to Global Autism Day I suspect we’ll see lots of pieces for media story postings. I’ll push the ones I see to you. Here is another from a CNN employee who is a recently diagnosed Aspie.

I’ve been noticing more and more ‘changes’ since Demetrius has been on the Prozac. When he began his ADHD meds a few years ago EVERYONE EVERYWHERE saw the differences, but I would say these changes continue to be subtle and right there if you are looking for them.

He still plays with his hair, but when you tell him to stop, he is actually stopping. Last night (before I got home) he tried to turn the television on, and of course, was blocked. He pushed enough buttons in his attempt to ‘un-block’ the TV that it wouldn’t work until I got home and basically re-booted it.  By that time, TV time was over for him, and we just were able to catch the end of Hannah Montana. No fit, no melt downs. He just ‘understood’ and went in the basement and played. Sure, he fussed about having to get ready about bed :15 later, but what kid doesn’t do that?

This morning he wouldn’t eat his breakfast and Kim was fussing at him…so I told him if he didn’t sit down and eat (sometimes an issue with this boy) that I’d take his super heroes from him for one week (Grandparents – get over it, I have to discipline your grandchildren at some point) for repeatedly not doing what his mother asked. No fit, just sulking and eating bagel.

Of course, I noticed a few minutes later that I was being ‘webbed’ by him. (In Spider Man, when the Web-Slinger doesn’t want to hear somebody, he shoots some webbing into that person’s mouth to shut them up….Demetrius will do this also, it is a form of ‘pretending’ resistance!) But I can live with that.

So these are the little things I’m seeing. It must taste awful though, everytime he finishes it in his juice (which we mix the meds in), his eyes water.

All that said, I’ll leave you this weekend with Maya in her Hannah Montana get up. I just know I have a cheerleader in my future:

Hannah Montana Guitar, Headset, bracelets, glittery concert uniform…..

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday – Fathead Spidey

So many of you wondered how I would follow up the 100 pink balloons for Maya for Demetrius…..

Well, how about giant Spider-Man Fathead!

So Kim and I hung it above his windows last night as he snoozed in our bed. Afterwards, I moved him back to his….

I flipped the light at 6:00 am this morning, sang happy birthday and as he scratched his eyes yells, “WOOK! A GIAANNT SPIDAH-MAN!”

Maya came running in, it scared her a bit…and Demetrius just said after I clicked this shot, “I love it!”

Really, that’s all I needed to hear…..

More pictures to come from Demetrius’ birthday weekend….

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Last night while I was making dinner I channel surfed….as I did, I came quickly across Spider Man 2 on FX, I moved past it….


Demetrius saw it for all of about :07 as he ran through the living room.

So we watched Spider Man 2.

Even through dinner.

After dinner, Demetrius ran downstairs, and came upstairs, prepared to battle his ‘evil daddy bad guy’.  He here is as he emerges from the play room in the basement:

Spider D

After he secured his mask properly (as he is doing in the photo).  He turns to Kim and me and says, “Guys: Wid gweat pawher, comes gweat wes-pons-sill-blit-y” (See title)…the uber motto for Spiderman.

Then he attacked me.

Nothing like wrestling two kids (of course Maya joined in) on a full stomach, literally, right after you have eaten.

Not many things better though, actually…..

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Two Reunions

We had two reunions in the house yesterday.  The first, of course, was Maya and Emily, after being separated for over a month and half by the Atlantic Ocean.  When I asked the Pink Bombshell while she was playing Freddi Fish if she was happy to see Emily, she looked at me and smiled and said, “I missed her a lot…and we had cinnamon rolls!”  Sugar and your best friend – I have to ask, is there a better combination?

The second was Demetrius and a number of ‘lost DVDs’.  With our constant dance over watching movies, many of them over the course of the last six months have gone missing – I’ve always assumed it was because the boy was hiding them and forgot where the secret stash was, but come to find out, Kim had tucked them away, and finally found them.  

Demetrius had been without many of these favorites longer than Maya had been without Emily – think of the pain!  So last night we watched the Batman movie (I’ve seen this one too many times for its campy nature to still appeal), once Mommy gave him all the movies, he went and got his ‘folder’ and put each one gently into a sleeve, talking to himself:

“Tonight I watch the Batman movie…tomorrow I will watch Spider Man versus Doc Ock.  Daddy will watch this one movie with me….”

I smiled.  But I couldn’t help to think how these little moments can show the difference between neuro typicals and Super D.  His world and comfort zone is the one that involves no interaction with people – he was happy to sit on the couch, gently handling DVDs, and looking so forward to watching them…with only the people in his inner circle (he only mentioned family).

Maya’s the little social butterfly that wants every friend she has to spend the night at the house on Saturday (SLEEPOVER!  EMILY IS COMING OVER FOR A SLEEPOVER!) and wants to play and do everything with other kids.

I was thinking to myself – would other ‘normal’ parents or grandmas and grandpas observe/see what we see when these things happen?  Do they see such little ‘differences’?  Its usually the big things – flapping of the hands, but the social structure of their lives? Dunno.  Just stream of consciousness typing here…

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