Friday, November 28, 2008

Photos From Thanksgiving

Autism is tough with all the yelling, clapping, running and people at the Turkey Trot.  You just start lining up rocks to deal….

Nonni and Maya were able to get him up to race…

Up and racing he went.  He ran pretty much the whole race and got his medal (and some yogurt afterwards!)…

Maya got hers also…..

Afterwards we did face painting…..

A long day, and a hug from Mommy….

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Autism and The Hamstring – Lessons Learned

The 10K everyone in the family was running began at 9:00am in Fort Worth (about ½ an hour drive from my folks house outside of Arlington).  So I hopped out of bed at 4am and hit the gym so I’d be back to help everyone get ready and out the door on time.  So as I’m the only person at the gym, on a bike, no music blaring over the speakers at 4:45 am, I had time to think a bit.

Yesterday my mom asked me if I was upset that I wasn’t going to be able to run due to the hamstring pull.  No, I answered, not at all. Later in the day she asked me how I could be so unemotional about it after I’ve really focused my training the last few weeks.  I gave the flip “it is what it is” answer, but as I thought more about it – I thought it would make for a great posting.

Last year was a great year for my running.  I run a 4 miler at the start of the racing season, and end the season with this turkey day race.  I shaved more than five minutes off of my 10K time, and about the same with my 4 miler.  I also dropped another 15 lbs.  Great year.

This year, I’ve had colds in two of the races (one I could only do the 5K, couldn’t finish the second loop for the 10K), got the flu within a day of a third, and have this hammy problem today. I’m not a bit upset.


Because I’ve learned so much from Demetrius.

Just because I can’t run today…it is exactly that.  I can’t run today. Doesn’t mean I can’t run in a month. Just means today it isn’t happening.  Just because he can’t tie his shoes today, that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to in a month.  Just because he can’t read on grade level doesn’t mean he isn’t reading great – just today it isn’t where ‘it should be’.

A year makes a difference in the little ways that makes the worries seem trivial.

Three years ago there were so many conversations between SuperD and me where I simply had to end a conversation in the positive. I didn’t understand a word he said. Today, he speaks well and off the top of my head I can’t remember the last time we had such a conversation.  Or cycles.  We have 4-5 cycle conversations now. Still a lot of work on his bad days, but we have them now. 

I’ll run again and run fine.  It’s not an emotional thing. It is a ‘this moment’ thing.  I could get bummed about it, but what is the point.  Tomorrow will be better and the next day better still.  Just like Demetrius. And if we keep the perspective that our issues (whatever they may be) are a ‘now’ thing, well, in a year will today seem so bad?

Oh, and by the way, I still rode a training bike for 40 minutes and did a stair climber for another 20.  It was a great workout. I was totally soaked and my thighs are aching.  A great workout.  A good day in a different way? You bet. You’ve got to take notice of these things.

Hey, SuperD can’t tie his shoes today.  But he’s now got his shoe tying book out and he’s trying to do it.  A good day in a different way?  You bet.

I’m thankful this year that he has helped me keep perspective on something that I could be fretting too much about – this poor race running year.  I’m lucky he’s my son. I’m thankful he’s taught me so much about what’s important now, and what’s not. 

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll.

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Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll

Hope everyone has a happy and joyous Thanksgiving.

Cheers from the Grassos

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Photos Of The Family At The Turkey Trot

It was cold, no doubt…..

Maya was the first in from the 1K…see the pride in those eyes…

Then came Uncle Jimmy, D and Mommy……

Family Photo under the Giant Turkey. Grandpa, Mommy, Maya, Super D and Uncle Jimmy.  Everyone looks really, really cold (the kids also got medals! I got winded and a tee shirt…next time I’m running the 1K)

#213 is Aunt Francine finishing up the 10K.  Pretty good for someone with two broken toes!  See Grandpa behind her rooting her on…Daddy’s little girl….

Yours Truly finishing up

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Texas

Man, when it rains, it pours…..I tell ya, first is out for a few days..then, I get to Texas, and my hard drive dies, no more Mac!  Thanks to Mom and Dad for having this sweet state-of-the-art Dell here at the ranch (but not a Mac). Thanks to Uncle Jimmy for sitting with me all day yesterday at the Apple store attempting to save data from my hard drive (as it died, how very ER-ish) to thumb drives.

The kids are reveling in being with the grandparents. Loving every minute of it.  Maya follows Nonni everywhere, and Demetrius attempts to talk everyone into letting him watch one more DVD, movie, etc….

We are a little ‘mis-dressed’ for the weather, its 80 degrees here, we have khakis and such, but didn’t bring with us the summer wear….its also screwing up with my running, as I had a much harder run than I wanted this morning before the big race on Thursday morning (cold front coming thru tonight, that should make things better).

The kids were also fantastic on the drive into Texas.  Really, zero problems.  One funny with Demetrius though, as soon as we hit Texas, he assumed Nonni and Grandpa’s house was just the next exit off the highway.  How hard it was for us when he’d get upset when we’d pass every exit and we wouldn’t get off the highway…for 183 miles.  Ugh.

Demetrius: Daddy, you missed the turn (small whimper).

Daddy: Demetrius, only 174 more miles…about 2.5 hours.

Demetrius: okay (goes back to playing with toys, watching movie, etc…)

Next Exit comes….

Demetrius: Daddy, you missed the turn (a bit bigger whimper).

Daddy: Demetrius, only 169 more miles…about 2.5 hours.

Then, we thought we would stop for ice cream treats about 150 miles from Dallas in Longview….

That may not have been our best move on the trip…hopping them up on sugar with just a few hours left really kind of made the remainder of the trip interesting….Sealed

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Trip To Texas

There seems to be something wrong with my blog hoster,  Nothing I’ve posted over the past 48 hours has shown up. Maybe this one will (I hope). So I apologize for this (out of my hands).

That said, the family is getting the itch and the excitement is brewing to get on the way to Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s been a long time since the whole crowd has been to Grandpa and Nonni’s house. In fact, Maya says she doesn’t remember what their house looks like (she does remember the beach house we rent during the summer), so we are, obviously, way overdue.
The clouds before the sunny day here is that we are making our first ‘really long single day’ drive from Atlanta to Arlington, TX (approx 10-12 hours) on this trip.  Now, the length of the trip isn’t so much the issue (we’ve taken this much time to get to Nanny Joan and Poppy’s house in Kansas before), but the fact that it will be so monotonous (those other trips involve flying in planes, running around airports, eating at restaurants – really cool things).  We’ll have DVDs, headphones, books, toys…but that will all get old at some point.  We’ll head out early, so that the kids sleep and zone out over the first few hours, but still – we don’t know what looms in front of us in terms of getting irritated at each other.
Maya and I talk about the ‘long trip’ and she grimaces.  I remind her about the DVDs, etc… and it appeals to her a bit more.
She then says to me, “and we can talk to each other.”  Now, I love my daughter deeply.  However, this statement makes me cringe a bit – anyone that knows this wee-one knows she can go on talking, and talking, and talking… without ever stopping.  12 hours of Maya being chatty?  Spelling sight words constantly… mixed in with TV talk from Demetrius…
Who exactly needs the headphones?

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